Hi everyone,

Brick is an integral part of human life.  How?  Yes it is.  With primitive man’s  quest for ways to make life better and easier he acquired more and more knowledge that led to numerous inventions (still continuing).  Emphasis was to first serve primary needs of food, clothing and shelter.  Therefore its one of these needs that made a man to invent “brick”, the statement “need is the mother of invention” is so true.  Invention of brick put an end to long running woes of how to provide a strong shelter over our head.   Houses made of bricks definitely have an edge over houses made of mud or tin.  Not to forget glass houses, those who live in brick houses can throw a stone at others’ houses without worrying that one such stone could bring their house down as it is in glass houses.  That was only in lighter vein, never try doing this.

In economic terms also bricks have great relevance in human life.  Brick manufacturing units provide employment to a considerable size of labour force.  Especially in India where agriculture is a major occupation hugely dependent on seasonal variations such units provide employment to skilled or unskilled labour during off-season giving them an additional source of income.  Thus bricks have economical relevance too.

Coming to its closeness with human life a brick can show how  ingredients can make or break one be it a brick or an individual.  If quality ingredients are not used and not processed correctly the output-the brick could be fragile and could prove fatal thereon for many lives.  A single slightest earthquake can  bring down the entire building leaving many homeless.  Similarly if right values are not passed on in upbringing of a child, one crisis in life and the person could collapse either mortally or morally.

Just as quality materials and techniques ensure quality output right values ensure quality life.


3 thoughts on “Brick

  1. Kalpana, it’s a well thought of piece. The allegory used for building human life with moral and ethical values are commendable.

    I would like to invite you for writing in our magazine Candles Online sometime. Let me know if you are interested.

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      1. Give me your email address if you don’t mind so that we can discuss further about how to proceed. I think you already know our pattern… But still I would like to introduce in a formal manner through email. Instead of publishing your mail ID better would be if you send a mail in my ID given on the site in “Write for us” page. Thanks.


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