I am stuck

Hi everyone,

Today I am writing to make a candid confession about myself.  But before proceeding further I would like to ask you all beautiful people out there:  has it happened to anyone of you at any point of time in life that after commencing something in life you are stuck?  May be a business, a project or may be a relationship.  Wanted to move further but lack or excess of ideas made it difficult?  Please answer honestly 🙂

So coming back to my confession, I in my post “Countless memories and countless emotions” told you all why I chose writing, remember?  Believe me I am not going to repeat my stories of my struggles again and again, I know such things can be a test to patience.  There are two reasons:

*  Writing/ blogging liberates me from my frustrations.  They are “n” number of them to name 🙂

* Blogging could be a stream of extra income and I agree to this reason as honestly as I could do.  Though still haven’t stepped in commercial venture.  I am at first place trying to connect to people through my write ups.

So my reasons made me start my own blog but as I said earlier that I am stuck.  I am stuck for the lack of ideas, ok let me put it precisely: lack of concrete ideas.  As they say “too many cooks spoil the broth”, similarly my head is full of vague ideas but nothing concrete to proceed further strongly.  That is the reason why my posts are under “uncategorized” category.  I tried to follow blogging rules for beginners.  Their first rule itself put me in a fix.  What was that?  Define the purpose of blogging – do you want to review movies, do you want to have your own blogs for recipes, fashion, technical information, travel guide etc etc. Ohhh!  Suddenly I have realized I stand nowhere.  I cannot write recpies because I myself search others’ for want of a new dish on the table.  I can’t be a travel guide or start a blog concentrating on that aspect because I have never been so adventurous and never got a chance to take a tour and explore the world.  Fashion- believe me it would be like blind leading blindfolded as I don’t have any formal knowledge of this vast industry.  Fiction- every time I think of penning down something I have this weird feeling knocking my head “people must have read or seen it before”, so drop the idea.  So name a subject and I find myself on ground ZERO.

So what shall I write about?  I am stuck.  For “how to write” I closely follow my fellow writers, their blogs to get an insight of art of expression of thoughts.  At this point I must admit all of them are just wonderful.  They can weave magic with words and are just doing it.  I have to learn a lot from all of them.

At this point I am trying to figure out what I am good at (if at all 🙂 ) so that my pen could get an impetus to move.

Right now I am seriously stuck.

Any suggestions?



8 thoughts on “I am stuck

  1. Are you following the Daily Post? Every day they provide a one word prompt for you to write about, however you like. This might be a place to start, it could help you become “unstuck” I will write about the one word prompt when I feel moved to do so. It’s a suggestion. I’m sure you will find your passion and will write your hearts desires. Happy writing:)

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  2. I read a lot about random topics, topics that interest me, and then write about whatever strikes a chord. Even on the days where you are completely stuck, remember it’s really important to write even if it’s just 2 lines. Because every great novel or poem is started by those 2 lines.

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    1. Hey,
      Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I don’t get much time to scribble with my kids and household stuff. It was my serious thought which i tried to pen down more casually. I appreciate the fact that you actually read it. So glad that you liked it too.



  3. Hi. Following any blog or something won’t make ideas come out. As per my opinion you should first think on what your mind thinks and just write those short line which are coming in a copy. I can surely say after writing you will be thinking on it many times and then just pick up your pen and write whatever is coming. Don’t think about grammar or words.
    And when you will be typing in your blog you will be able to make changes in it.
    Same happens with me..I do also do this.
    And about category u should think what you have written and then you will get answer to your questions…


  4. What u wrote again it touched my heart…
    Can I call u didi?
    You really write well and elaborate your feelings very well..
    Love to read your post.


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