Let’s make it smooth

Hi Everyone,

We all are fortunate.  Not necessarily born with silver spoon in mouth but had all basic comforts in life.  Surrounded with loving family, caring friends, endowed with blessings, blessed with knowledge and everything that holds utmost priority in human life and makes it beautiful. Yet we all face a rough patch in life.  No I am not referring to financial turbulence or issues concerning our health.  I am referring to that phase of life when despite of having everyone around we experience a void.  Have innumerable events, incidents to share but the most important people with whom we faced every thick and thin of life are far away.  Here the distance may or may not be physical but distance between hearts is light years.  But why does it happen?

As kids we never had such issues.  That’s only because we never hesitated to speak, to voice our feelings.  If we had a fight with our friends we were quick enough to apologize or resolve issues.  But with years passing we piled up knowledge and along with it knowingly or unknowingly accumulated ego.  Yes ego, killer of relationships.  Its our ego that stop us from “make it work”.  We often mistake our ego to be self-respect and shut the doors on the face of any chance that allows a relationship to thrive.  “I will lose my value if I break the ice first, anyways that was his mistake.  Then why should I take the initiative, let the other party commence” is our general reaction in case of arguments.  Such is our adamant  nature that trivial arguments can turn into long silence and eventually turn the relationships sour.

Meanwhile there’s a constant battle within one’s self.  This is tussle between our brain and heart.  Heart wants to be united but mind speaks otherwise.   Heart wants to relive all those magical moments of life, share sorrows and laugh out loud together.  But brain with logical reasoning yields ego that destroys everything.  Few things in life are above logical reasoning.

The only solution to this is to “Talk” and “listen”.

We should talk one to one keeping aside our egos.  If we value our bond we have to inevitably do this.

Listen to what the other person has to say.  It’s the only way to be heard.  If we are too busy proving ourselves right that discussion would only end in argument.

At the end we should never hesitate to say sorry.  If that one word could possibly put an end to the rough phase in our relationships and mark a new beginning we should give it a chance.

One thing of utmost importance we should remember:  Life is too short and unpredictable, there’s no time to hate and even less time to love.  So “let’s make it smooth”.


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