We should always be “Connected”

Hi Everyone,

In this internet era terms like “connectivity”, “connection”, “connected” are more technical than anything else.  Thanks to internet world is placed on our computer screens, in fact in our palm via our smartphones.  We all are connected in this virtual world despite different barriers and boundaries.  The best example is this platform where we are connected via internet because of our common passion “writing”.  We never met each other personally but have a sense of belonging.  This is connectivity.

But I am talking about a different kind of connectivity.  Every human being whether acknowledge or not is connected to earth.  Right from birth till the end of journey the mother earth takes care of all our needs.  Even after our soul departs our body is embraced by earth only.   Nothing and nobody can deny this.   A human being therefore should always remain grounded, connected to roots.  He might scale great heights of success but if elevated from ground, lost his humbleness will come crashing again back to ground but this time it would hurt him.

As it is important to keep our head down and connected with our roots it’s also important to always hold onto the Almighty.  A constant communication with that superior power is a way to stay connected to him.  By constant communication I mean prayers.  And never forget to thank him for showering his mercy on us.

It’s not only important but inevitable to stay connected.

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