Picture perfect- Photoshop and photography- the ultimate transformation

Hi everyone,

Few years back with more leisure time at my disposal I was turning the pages of a fashion magazine.  I was in awe of the flawless beauty of the models.  I was dissatisfied with the way I look and wished if a magic wand could do the trick for me.  Actresses lightening up the screen with the aura of their beauty made me wish the same, I wish I could be as beautiful as they are.  Every advertisement of the n number of beauty products be it on electronic media or print media showcased their models in such a breathtaking way that feeling inferior when it comes to looks is a most common feeling especially at tender teenage.  So my age at that time should be excusable.  And it’s not only me who harboured such notions but a lot more people especially younger generation are dazzled by the glitters of those glossy advertisements.

As they say with age you attain enlightenment, my notion about”beauty  on magazines” was proven wrong  when I saw a photographer in the neighborhood working on his computer to beautify faces in the photographs taken.  Within seconds all the flaws, all the spots were gone.  Faces were radiant than ever.  I thought it was a great craftsmanship but still some doubts lingered in my mind.  But years later few videos on YouTube about this Photoshop  business bombed all myths I had.  Beauty is not only created rather enhanced.

This is the case not only with still photography but motion photography also does wonders to how a person can look.  Make-up, lights and camera can create an illusionary world erasing the rather thick line between reality and illusion.

But what’s the reason behind this make belief transformation.  That’s the marketing strategy of manufactures to sell their products.  Yes it is.  They want us to believe that utilisation of their products will do the same wonders to us that we fancied because of those illustrious magazine covers.

Is it their brilliance or our stupidity?  Still trying to figure out.

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5 thoughts on “Picture perfect- Photoshop and photography- the ultimate transformation

  1. Said right.
    Presently it is increasing day by day as there is more use of social sites in which we post pictures by editing it but reality those only know who are with those people..
    I thank myself that I don’t follow it.
    But I have many Friends who believe in this stupidity…
    Yes for me it’s stupidity because now in the young age we will use it for looking good but none think of future.. No beauty products will be able to hide our reality and how much I know is that to what amount we will use it in young age we will look more bad in older age..
    Sorry if I wrote wrong…


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