Emptying is important

Hi Everyone,

Darkness is important as it establishes the importance of light.  Negativity is important as it highlights the importance of positivity.  Devil – Divine, both powers are present in this cosmos.  This is a fact.  And I am not philosophical, this is pure science.  To put it simply: just as every word in language have a antonym, every action has a reaction, good and bad are present in equal portions to balance this universe.

Analyzing this equation made me realize the importance of being “Empty”.

It’s only on an empty stomach one can relish and value food.  If you want to refill anything that particular thing needs to be empty.

These are the simple examples.  Let us take up more complex things.  Let’s begin with say love, until and unless we empty our heart on our beloved ones, until and unless we express our feelings our love can never reach its destination.

Similarly in a relationship differences of opinion can be resolved only when we empty our hearts (again).  Don’t let the emotions like anger, misunderstandings, suspicion pile up.  They could be fatal.  Just go and empty your heart.

Emptying your heart be it happiness or sorrow only helps to galvanize relations.

And a human being should walk the same path if he or she is in quest for peace and knowledge.  Shedding the thought of being “superior, know it all” lays the foundation for attainment of greater knowledge that know no bounds.  Emptying heart in front of God and giving one’s self into the Almighty is only way of achieving eternal bliss.

Therefore emptying in every possible angle is important.  Don’t you all agree?



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