Voyage of a letter



Hi Everyone,

It’s not just with people we develop emotions over a period of time but we tend to connect emotionally with few things as well.  If only we have heart to listen we can sense that “sense of belonging” even from non living objects.  I am sure  we all have such things in our lives which are not just things but a part of our lives by the virtue of many factors like something gifted to us by someone really special, something bought from our first salary, significant time markers like the first, the last and so on.

And this is a story of one such thing, a “Letter”, its a story of its “Voyage”.

With two kids growing up my house can always be tagged as a mess at any given point of time.  On a weekday I decided to do some substantial amount of cleaning as kids…

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3 thoughts on “Voyage of a letter

  1. Hey there! I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I thought you deserved it. Very well, if you wish to accept, no force then please check out the post I made. Then you can follow the rules and make a post of your own.

    Sincerely, Airg

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