The Blogger Recognition Award

Hi Everyone,


I was nominated by my dear friend and blogger Airgishere ( for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Thank you so much for nominating me.  Such act of appreciation boosts one’s confidence in themselves.  Thank you again.


Journey of a blogger:

To begin with I am no professional writer neither I am an avid reader.  I began blogging just to liberate myself and empty whatever I feel on paper.  As a student I used to write petty articles.  After so many years I decided to take off from where I left it so here I am before you all.  Blogging for me is “time spent with myself” and a platform to connect to some amazing people all over the world.


Advice to bloggers:

Seriously I am not a pro to impart advice, I myself seek advice from other bloggers 🙂 Follow your instincts, write honestly, your write-up will turn out to be beautiful and beauty can never go unnoticed.  That’s it!


I would like to nominate:

Akash (Life in a blog)

Himani (ohwomaniyablog)

Marianne (Along the side of the road)




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