Burning sky and a salesman

Hi Everyone,

Being in Europe for a good long time, I am away from Indian summers.  I have a very long experience of experiencing Indian summers being there for more than two decades.  The sun spits fire, the sky burns and everything underneath it pleads for mercy.  With increasing global warming the mercury is only inching towards north every passing year.  Every year the numbers released from meteorological department comes with a tag line “highest ever” in decades.  Above 45°c is a normal thing now. Phew.

With such soaring temperatures it’s difficult to venture out even when sun bids goodbye for the day, it’s next to unimaginable to step out during the day time.  But when it’s about earning one’s bread and butter human being is ready to dare every condition and here we are only talking about wheather condition.  Things are still fine if one works under a roof but for a person working under sun, just imagine.  Being a sales representative is one such job.  I am not talking about tele sales executive but the one on field.

It’s never an easy job to visit every door in scorching heat, carrying a load over shoulder , ringing doorbell and not sure if he will be entertained or not.  More often than not the salesman is treated in an unwelcome manner ( mostly because of security issues, people tend to not to believe strangers knocking at the door).  Therefore within a span of 30 seconds the person at the door has to introduce himself in a manner that he is granted at least one or two more minutes letting him proceed with his product description.  Okay let’s assume that the salesman is lucky enough to be able to give complete insight into his product but would he be able to get that prized order and valuable cheque issued is the most important question.  Which I am afraid is mostly “NO”.  Because I myself have many times turned down such offers politely.  But it worried me to a great extent.  I used to think  how meagre their salaries could be, what could be the possible commission that salesman might have missed on this sale, for how long he has to toil that particular day, I wish I could have bought the product but that was of no use to me and the tussel used to continue for sometime.  More than anything else it’s the burning sky outside my window that made me feel sorry for the salesman.  That’s why I always used to offer a glass of water to any such person coming to my door in such a weather.  It is minimum we could do as a human being.

One thing that I clearly remember what my father used to tell me: we can never always impact others’ life by helping them, we might not be able to, but a kind word and a smile might make them forget their sorrow at least for a moment.

Do think about it.

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8 thoughts on “Burning sky and a salesman

  1. Hey !
    How are you?
    Have a good day 🙂
    Btw, Which part of India you are talking about?
    Since, I’m from Mumbai. So, the climate here is always good. Yes! The summer is bit tough. Compared to other cities, I heard about, Mumbai is very much better I say.
    And how is Europe’s climate??


    1. Namaste. The European climate is all right, but at the west of the continent where there is the sea climate it is too often wet and dark. We could use a lot more sun and this year some dryness would be more than welcome too.

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      1. Namaste. It feels very good to hear Indian word from an European. Amazing 👏😃
        Thank you Marcus for the information on the latest climatic conditions ☺
        Nice to meet you. Have a good day 😇

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  2. Being in Europe now you should know this year we do not have a normal Summer. The weather we had so far has nothing to do with Summertime but more with Autumn and Winter time. Though in certain countries, like Belgium and Holland the sun is always spare and it always looks grey and dark … that’s why every year in Summer they need to leave their country to energise again in the warmer South.


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