False pride # false prestige# ~self respect~

Hi Everyone,

I was watching Mahabharata (story of great India – centuries ago even before Christ was born) on television.  It’s one of the important scriptures we have tracing the roots of present India.  It’s a story of brothers (cousins to be precise), their differences and the war between them ; it depicts every aspect, every emotion, every possible angle of human relationship.  Love, friendship, conspiracy, hatred, grief, power, greed and whatever human mind can possibly think of.   Though I never read it but watched it agin and again on television, thanks to the penchant for period drama/ mythological drama that indian audience have we have “n” number of soaps made on every particular scripture time and again.

Now coming back to me watching “Mahabharata” made me think about a certain character in it called “Duryodhana” eldest son of King Drhitarashtra.  He was a very strong man, possessed wealth, had great fortunes, had a great friend like Karna, had the likes of Bheeshma, Vidur, Teacher Drona and many more to guide him but still he ended up on the losing side when war raged between him (Kauravas) and Pandavas (five sons of King Pandu, brother of King Drhitarashtra).  Only reason: he was anything but righteous. Throughout his life he nursed his false pride under the guidance of his wicked  maternal uncle, Shakuni.  His pride about he being strong and prosperous; his greed to bite more than he can chew; his jealousy for his cousins which was time and again fuelled by his uncle until it turned into hatred for Pandavas led to his devastation.  He was so blinded in his pride, false pride that he couldn’t see the result of his actions.  And this led him to commit gravest sin of ordering disrobing of Draupadi (wife of Pandavas) in the court full of men just to seek revenge from her because he thought she insulted him in her kingdom Indraprastha ( that was his assumption).  And the result is War of Kurukshetra that resulted in destruction of Kuru dynasty.  Who shall be blamed for this mass destruction.  Is it Duryodhana or his actions – who is the culprit?  His own false pride that was stashed away by slightest hint of provocation ( his own assumption, again).

Knowingly or unknowingly we all pamper and nurse a sense of false pride, false prestige in ourselves.  And saddest part is we misspell it as our self-respect.  For instance a boy approached a girl with a proposal and the girl is not interested which she conveys politely.  Now all of a sudden the entire love which was oozing till now changes it’s appearance and comes out as vengeance. “How  dare she reject me?” the most common question that follows. Another classic example, we ask someone from our family to get something done from somewhere by someone in some particular position whom we know.  And after all the tussel the work is still incomplete, our reaction “Did you tell him/ her my name? And he/ she didn’t do this even after knowing to whom you belong to?”

Many acid attacks, gruesome murders, terrorism and many more unimaginable atrocities are nothing but the outcomes of our false pride/ ego.  We, as a human being start to believe that we are indispensable, our importance should be recognized and reiterated time and again and this is the root cause of all the chaos.

Educated or uneducated; rich or poor; elder or younger; man or woman – there is absolute no discrimination to this demon.  And only way to face it, challenge it and win over it is wisdom that comes only by?????

I, seriously don’t have an answer on how to enhance one’s wisdom and I am being honest.  Meditation, spending time wisely with wise people (that’s personal call of course because wise person for me may not be wiser for the other), just spending couple of minutes putting ourselves in other’s shoes would definitely help us to tame our pride and make us a better person.

Do let me know your opinion.

*Note: All the characters mentioned are from Mahabharata, can be found on Wikipedia.


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