Lovable Punishment

Hi Everyone,

Childhood, the most carefree, enjoyable, cherished period of one’s lifetime.  And school days are a wave of breeze in lives which are otherwise full of complications of relationships, paced competitions and lot of tensions.  I am sure all of you would agree to this.  No matter if you were a student who excelled in academics, an all-rounder or a back bencher, school days always hold a special place and mention.  School days in everybody’s life are marked with friends, lessons (read for life), numerous memories and of course “PUNISHMENTS”.

Yes, Punishments, those lovable punishments.  Remember the mass punishments given to whole class?  The entire class made to stand on benches or out of the class.  The beauty of those moments lies in the fact that instead of feeling embarrassed or sad we used to giggle, exchange glances and giggle more.  Once the bell rings and the teacher is out of the class and asks everyone to be back to their positions those tight-lipped giggles change to hearty laughs.

Talking about such mischievous but golden moments reminds me of one such hilarious incident that occurred in my school days.  All the students of a class were playing during the games period, the bell rang telling us to get back to the class.  We all hurried back to our class, thinking about the previous period and the one which is about to commence.  As we reached our class teacher was already in the class who arrived 5-7 minutes prior to class.  We were about to enter the class but a stern voice interrupted us “You all are late, stay out”.  “But madam we are on time, just on dot” we all said in chorus.  But she was unperturbed and we were punished and we loved that punishment.  We were having a great time standing out of the class, it was “OUTSTANDING”.  One thing that crossed our minds immediately was “how come all the watches can be wrong at a time including the bell”.  Anyways, leave it.  Our great time continued from where it was  left in the previous period, more so because it was a History class, you can guess what gala time we had cracking jokes, imitating teacher(s) and more.  Twist in the tale came when the bell rang and the class continued.  Even now the “watch didn’t match”.  As soon as the teacher left we entered the class and laughed our hearts out.  Such was the magic of that moment that the incident is sill fresh in my mind, I hope it is etched out in memories of my classmates as well.

I am sure everyone have experienced such lovable punishments in their lives that they love to remember even years after, that bring smile on face despite how hard the course of life may be.

Do visit the memory lanes, turn the pages back and do share such moments of lovable punishments of your lives with me.




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