Back from break

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know whether to term my current situation as a  “writer’s block” or not (for I am not a professional).  Been away from writing for about one month, been to India for attending a family function.   And now I am back, back from my break and totally at loss about what to WRITE.  So after lot of thoughts paraded through my mind finally one thought came to halt and I decided to write about my vacation, my break in India.

Since the day our schedule was finalised I was very excited.  There were many reasons to look forward to this trip.  It was my daughter’s first journey abroad, not everyone in the family have seen her  and she is already one year old.  That brought in excitement as I started imagining family’s reaction on seeing her.  And as I told you the purpose of this visit is to attend a family function a little more impetus was added to my impatience.  BUT WHY?   A very valid question.  Explanation: I wanted to wear my new sarees and look good, is it an invalid reason?  And more importantly I was looking forward to meet my family members whom I haven’t seen for as long as five years.   And many more miscellaneous reasons such as I wanted to enjoy the spicy street food, catch a movie or two, have loads of fun that includes gossip too 🙂

Amidst all the excitement the journey date arrived and my first fear registered in my mind.  I was anxious about how my kids would do during the flight journey of 8 hours (Frankfurt to Delhi).  I have more reasons to worry as its my daughter’s first flight.  And you all know what does “First flight blues” mean especially with kids.  But I must thank god that kids slept after sometime into the flight and they were fine.  But that was not the end of journey(s) as we were supposed to take many more flights within a span of 2 weeks, such was the nature of our schedule very hectic.  Given the climate in India during this part of year (month of August, it rains but still very hot and humid) hectic and tight schedules, health of kids is a big reason to be worried about.  May be I am more apprehensive but can’t help it.

Okay without going into the details of how my kids coped up, how they behaved I want to share with you all my experience during this trip.  The function which I am talking about holds great importance in our family, it was a milestone celebration.  And such celebrations call out for the unification of every branch of family.  Every generation, every relation’s presence is not only important but appreciated and celebrated.  So imagine the family portrait -uncles, aunts, cousins (no need to mention first, second and so on), brothers and sisters (in-laws as well), close friends who are no less than a family and every person who is not in this list as my knowledge of family tree is limited.

Meeting everyone after a long hiatus was such a great feeling.  Could feel the smile on lips and sparkle in eyes of everyone I met.  For me it was all the more special because everyone made one special remark I always wanted to hear ” you lost weight”.  Ahhh! That was music to my ears :).  Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Tell me.  That’s definitely on a lighter note.  What is important and beautiful about such celebrations is that they bring “us” together.  We talk, we share, we laugh, we sympathize, we cry, we evolve, we discover and eventually grow “together”.  I may be sounding dramatic but it’s nevertheless a fact.   Everyone is located on different parts of globe, racing against time to acquire a secured future for themselves and kids.  In this rat race we are distancing ourselves from everyone and such occasions give us an opportunity to meet, to relive lighter moments we enjoyed once, to share our problems, to rejuvenate our minds.  I have experienced everything I have mentioned.

But positive without negative is a bit boring, isn’t it?  Getting up really early even when one is on vacation, tireless running that leaves one exhausted at the end of the day which comes really late, to compound the seriousness of the situation have to always keep an eye on kids in order to avoid any unwanted situation, getting ready always in a haste (what could be more serious for a woman) and so on.

At the end of it I am back, with my head and heart full of memories.  I am sure all of you would agree with me as every one of us have such occasions and experiences in life.  Do share.

8 thoughts on “Back from break

  1. I totally understand your worries about travelling with children. I have a 5 hour train ride with my 2 year old soon to go for a short holiday to the coast a few weeks back, I was so nervous of how he would cope. I imagined a screaming toddler and everyone on board giving me evil eyes. To my surprise he was an angel and just looked out the window, watched DVDs, spoke to people around him- well tried to and then fell asleep.
    It’s lovely to read about such a big family get together I come from a big family too and often you can feel distant in the ”rat race” which I totally get. That’s Christmas is my fav time of year as this is what I use to dedicate time to my family and only my family to catch up and make it special.

    Look forward to reading more posts now you’re back.


  2. Hello Di…
    Welcome back…
    I got the answer to my question that why were you not writing blogs.
    I am small now but still when I went to meet family members in April. These all were same in me too..
    I am really happy that you came India…
    You definitely touched my heart again with this post and also gave me a reson that we should meet families as it brings happiness…


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