Our Fear: Eclipse on wisdom

via Daily Prompt: Eclipse

Hi Everyone,

{A little work of fiction to bring forth a very important reality}

I was late from my work, was in haste to reach home.  Instead of taking the main road took a shortcut which goes through woods.  Not very thick though but quite a deserted one.  But I took the chance as I was in-car and it takes only about 30 minutes.  But that night something different was destined to happen.  It was the day of lunar eclipse.  Since childhood I heard so many beliefs associated with eclipse and till date never able to figure out how many of them are facts and how may myths.  Many believe that bad spirits amass more power during that period.  Coming back to present situation I was driving back to home and my car broke down when the drive was only of 15 minutes.  Cursing the luck I got down, locked the car and took a walk.  As the place was usually less frequented, in that hour of day it wore a veil of deadly silence.  The sound of breeze, pack of dogs crying far away  few sounds piercing in occasionally.  Apart from these sounds I could hear my footsteps and heartbeat, so fast as if it was beating against the wind.  I was walking at my usual pace, not trying to get distracted my somewhat not-so-pleasant, unwelcoming surroundings.  It was pitch dark at that moment.  I was trying to call home, but no signals and battery very low.  Suddenly I heard my name called upon, and it echoed in the surroundings.  I stumbled upon a stone and turned back to see who’s it.  Couldn’t see anyone.  It was very dark and voice was coming from some distance.  I continued walking as my heart started racing but again someone shouted my name.  I tied to figure out but in vain.  Now I picked up pace and started to run.  Suddenly two pair of hands held me from back.  I almost skipped heartbeat.  Dared to see those voices in face.  They were none other than my cousins whom I was about to meet at my place.  That’s the reason I was in hurry.  “You scared the hell out of me.  How come you guys are here, you were supposed to be at home at this moment” I anxiously asked them.  “We got your message and we were about to hit the main road, but thought of playing some prank on you.  Actually our train got delayed, therefore we are HERE!  They had a hearty laugh.  They are very well aware that I get scared easily.  Checked my phone, I did send a message which was delivered a little earlier and I didn’t notice it. This is my fear only that I can’t watch a horror movie with both eyes open 🙂  Darkness frighten me.  And its my fear that gave rise to different combinations and permutations of thoughts for a while on that patch of road under the dark skies struck by eclipse.

So, it’s just an incident to narrate.  But in reality there are several situations, where our fear dominates and eclipses our thinking ability.  For instance:

  • Fear of lagging behind from others in earning riches eclipses one’s honesty and that gives birth to illegal ways of earning money. 
  • Fear of being punished eclipses our ability to speak out truth and that gives birth to lie. 
  • Fear of being isolated eclipses out ability to think freely and that gives birth to submission.
  • Fear of being robbed eclipses the moment of joy in present, it robs us of the happiness of having something.

Every person whom we remember as “Great”, “Legend”, “Visionary” was able to fight and shed fear.  It’s an undeniable fact.  Not every person in this world is born to be remembered in the books of history but every person is born and holds a right to be happy and live freely.  That’s possible only when we pull ourselves out from the Eclipse of Fear.

Remeber one thing dear friends “Fear kills before death do“.



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