And I was left “Stumped”

Oozing with confidence is a positive trait of character that every soul must possess.  But sometimes we put so much pressure on confidence pedal that it becomes over confidence.  And when that line is crossed more often than not we are left “Stumped”.  And all those moments in life though leaving us baffled in that particular moment surely evoke few laughs later .  For instance:

  • Parents of little kids very confidently saying our kids don’t eat this or that but ironically kids would pounce upon food at host’s place. Result, parents feel a little bit awkward and hence stumped.
  • Resting till last-minute thinking everything (grocery) is readily available at home and promising a sumptuous meal and  finally when time comes for action realising all we have is two-three potatoes and every second ingredient for that sumptuous meal is missing in the palate.  End result: A big disappointment rather a fight, sulking faces and we are left stumped.
  • Spending hours and considerable amount of money in shopping, very confidently picking up a dress believing that it would fit perfectly without trying it out and bringing it to home with pomp only to find it is no where close to perfect fit.  And the twist in the story is that the dress has been picked up from a “No exchange store”.  What luck if that dress is meant to be worn for an important occasion next day itself.
  • Considering the importance of phones in our lives just imagine what a terrible fault it would be to pack everything for your vacation and forget to pack your chargers.  The life would come to a standstill (Isn’t it), blame game starts and we are stumped.

So there could be “N” number of situations in life where what we imagine is a mirage and what we get is a nightmare leaving us baffled, anxious, sometimes yelling and a whole gamut of expressions that can be simply put into one word called “Worry”.   I have my share of such moments.

I was in class tenth, giving my mid-term mathematics examination.  A first glance at the question paper drew a broad smile on my face.  It was so easy and my pen started moving confidently on answer sheet.  So happy and confident I was about doing good in exams that I cared less to turn the question paper and have thorough check.  I was flying high thinking that I have finished exam well before time.  As soon as I stepped out of examination hall as usual discussion started among friends.  A friend of mine asked me  “What was your answer did you get for 20th question?”.   I without blinking an eyelid ridiculed him “Are you out of mind?  There were only 13 questions.  My friend was quick enough to combat “Come on are you serious since when we have only 13 questions?” and he was right there were 30 questions and I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, we never had 13 questions in mathematics.  That’s one situation when I was left “Stumped” because of my over confidence.

On another occasion, again in school I was furious with one of my teacher (please excuse me for that) and so much so that I was telling my friend “what does he think about himself and blah blah” but unfortunately another teacher was sitting just behind me.  She gave me serious look.  And the next thing I was doing, trying to hide.

I can go on with such serious yet laughable situations in life where I felt “I am  stumped”.










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