Loss of Connectivity: A real Panic situation

Hi Everyone,

Situation 1:  It’s late, it’s really late, clock is ticking and every passing minute is taking a toll on your patience.  A loved one is not home yet.  You are waiting and waiting since long time.  And to make the matters worse you are not able to get in touch with the person.  Every time your effort gets a reply “the number you are trying is out of coverage area”, “the number you are trying to reach is currently switched off” and so on.  Heart starts to sink and panic starts showing up.

Situation 2:  You are surfing news channels and got to know about a mass destruction spelled by man (read bomb blasts) in the city you reside.  Alarm bells start ringing in head.  The very next moment you start looking for your phone to contact your near and dear ones, trying desperately to know their well-being only to find that all phone lines, every network is jammed making it impossible to reach them.  Till the time you could actually get in touch with everyone you are worried for, you are not assured about their safety, you start worrying and that worry is called “Panic”.

Situation 3:  You are stranded in a new place, a new city surrounded by strange faces, few trying  to lock their gaze in your face, stares following you.  Searching some solace in voice of your dear one’s.  You search phone only to find you are running out of balance or your phone is devoid of charge.  Result: No connectivity and panic.

These are only a few situations to name.  We are living in the era of WWW. and smartphones.  This virtual world of internet, networks keep us going.  We are so much addicted to these two things – phones and WiFi that we literally can’t do without them.  In our fast paced lives internet and phones keep us connected – be it our family or friends.  Various social networking sites, different phone networks, numerous services provided by those networks make sure that we don’t lose our connectivity.  And that space of connectivity is so important for all of us from information point of view and from relationships point of view.

Considering how important it is to stay connected loss of connectivity could trigger a panic situation.  If I am asked to share my experience I would like to share a recent incident. Does anyone remember 22nd March, 2016, when Brussels was rocked by serial bomb blasts. Such a heinous crime that ripped through the city leaving corpses and injured behind.  As soon as I got to know about it I indiscriminately tried to call my husband because his office is in proximity to airport which witnessed bomb blasts.  Networks were jammed, couldn’t reach via mail as well, all connectivity was lost.  I sensed panic running through my heart.

For that matter we all sense panic in rather less serious situations as well.  For instance kids of this generation start using surfing net before they could even speak.  To feed them as well they need a lot of cajoling with rhymes and movies on net.  And on an unlucky day if the connection to internet is lost what we witness is mayhem.  All those mothers out there would more or less agree with me.

To be precise we admit it or not, we love it or hate it, we all are bound by con’net’vity (read connectivity)  Loss of it could spell “Panic” for us.



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