Test of Patience

Hi Everyone,

“Test of Patience”  a very common test we as human beings undergo perhaps everyday.  It’s as common as blood test we all have undergone at some or other point of life.  We all have different thresholds of patience just like different levels of haemoglobin in blood – some have high and some low.  And no one can elude it because no one can escape an uninformed, uninvited, unknown thing. Let’s see few situations we all might have dealt with at some juncture in life (may be all of them 🙂 )

  • After a long tiring day at work we reach home and preparing ourselves to have a good meal and the dinner is all set on the table and we are about to enjoy it, suddenly the doorbell rings and here comes the dear neighbour.  As much as we despise them at that particular hour we don’t have any other option but to welcome them warmly.  And they start their rally of conversations, from Mars Orbit Mission (MOM) to Obama’s diplomatic visits to different countries, they seem to hold keen interest in every affair under the sun but fail to realize that there is a dinner table set and people could be hungry too.  After some point of time we actually start giving them hints by staring at the clock every now and then while within our brain and heart we are actually showing them the door/ exit or simply exclaiming Please Go!
  • Getting ready for office and already getting late. To remain calm is definitely an uphill task when one couldn’t find a pair of socks ready at disposal.  Please raise your hands whoever agree with me or have faced this situation.
  • One needs patience in abundance when the person is about to initiate anything that requires official documents to be signed and authorised by Government bodies.  You get an appointment on the most busy day of your schedule.  You somehow take out time and make it to the office with all the requisite documents, wait for long hours in queue for that five minutes meeting inside the cabin of the concerned official.  And after all the circus you have been through you get an answer “Sorry”, “We can not authorise it”, ” You need so and so document in addition to the present one” and any other reason you could fancy.  At that particular moment you try to keep your composure, plead the officials to kindly do the needful but we all know how it is within our hearts. Yelling and thinking what would the officer lose if he/she would have passed on our paper further authorising it.  And the final blow – No appointment available till next six months!
  • We all have that extra loving (read pretending to love), inquisitive neighbour or relative whose only purpose to visit us is to know our well-being (a façade).  Our marriage, our relationships, our investments, our job and everything even the TV shows we watch is a matter of their concern.  And when someone tries to peep into your bedroom it definitely needs to be seen how you hold your nerves and act patiently.
  • And that wicked boss at work who is in that position only because he very knows how to traumatize people only tests our patience every time he imposes overtime on us knowing that resignation is out of question.

Therefore there are infinite incidences occurring in our lives that test our patience.  It’s absolutely alright to keep oneself from bursting and keep going.  But I strongly believe that our patience should never be tested in certain issues.  Or shall I say it’s absolutely appreciable if we have zero tolerance against any prejudice based on caste, creed or colour that we see.  There is no need to wait for long before raising voice against any crime, be it against ourselves, our near and dear one’s or a stranger.  Because our patience would only encourage the criminal to go ahead and inflict more pain on victim, a family , society and country thereon.

I am not trying to preach anything but I feel a negative result of this test of patience would be applauded if it’s against any crime.  Don’t you agree?



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