I am clumsy and it’s okay

Hi Everyone;

Comparison could give dissatisfaction and possibly depression too.  And I have been through this “I am not good enough” blues quite often.  I feel I am not good enough because I am not working, I am unable to keep my home neat and clean, I am always late when it comes to drop and pick up my son from school, I can not bake, I don’t possess any artistic flair, I am not one of those fit mothers, I can not drive a car (in fact I failed in my driving test).  In short I feel I am clumsy.  I cried within myself many a times, have bouts of anger on everything around me.  That’s a hell of negative thinking.  And I am not alone in this thought process.  There are many out there, may be you might have also experienced same feelings tossing up in your mind.

Take a deep breath.  We are human and no human is perfect.  We all are sailing in the same boat, so it’s a first reason to celebrate since we are not alone.  We all have our share of imperfections.  Let’s accept that.

Deep introspection within myself made me realise that my worry and self-criticism is useless and there is a reason why.

  • I am a mother of two who enjoy keeping me on my toes.  They won’t let me keep the house clean more than an interval of 15 minutes.  And during all this exercise I sometimes feel exhausted and give up.  My brain indicates every dirty spot in the house but my heart says it’s okay, let it go for a while.  So next time when anyone of you encounter same tussle in your brain and heart, let your heart win.  Because the joy of letting your kids play, see them learn, giving your body few moments of rest definitely holds a greater value than a beautiful house.
  • Every soul in this world possess a special quality without a speck of doubt.  What’s mine?  I can give a smile and  talk to any stranger without any hesitation and make friends with them, get along really well.  I know this may not be a quality that gives an edge to my CV but makes me feel about myself as a human that I can spread smile or two in a day.  Search for your special quality and do let me know.
  • I am bad at baking but there would be someone else who can’t cook delicacies that I can, after all baking is not “only” method of cooking.  And I can always take help from someone who excels this art.  What I mean to say is there’s no one and nothing stopping you to learn a new thing.  Then why cry over something which you can change then be it driving or fitness regime.  We only have to take the charge in our hands, that’s it.

I am not trying to be preachy here but being clumsy is pretty normal.  We trip, we fall, we fail, we cry, we try to hide, and this is all absolutely normal.  What is not normal is to be not able to accept the shortcomings and once done not being able to overcome them. Without complicating things further I want to conclude – its important to be happy from within rest will be taken care of and in a better way.




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11 thoughts on “I am clumsy and it’s okay

  1. Beautifully said, Sister! If we say our imperfections make us worthless, then *everybody* on earth is worthless. If we say that our gifts, however modest, are excellent enough to be shared—and what is more excellent than a genuine smile from a stranger?—then we should respect ourselves as much as we do others for being worthy! You are special, because you recognize that. May you prosper in all the good that you already are, and do!!

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  2. I love, love this post, it is easy to see our imperfections and forget to celebrate those areas where we excel. Just being mama is enough in my case. Thanks for bringing this points beautifully home


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