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Hi Everyone,

Applied for a job and yet again got the same answer “Sorry, rejected”.

Post pregnancy have taken a toll on physical appearance drastically.

Received serious flak on culinary skills.

Just served as a butt of jokes for not being able to dance or swim or drive.

Depressing they are, isn’t it?

Life has never been a bed of roses throughout; we all know it as each one of us have been in one or another aforesaid situations (they are few examples only).  Nothing worth mentioning, right?  Yes, you are right.  But my question is what we do in such situations?  We look around and start comparing our lives and ourselves to others.  And such comparison awards us with a weapon called “Self-pity” which acts like a slow poison that robs us of our potential. 

Let me give an example…  

During the appraisal time two employees get two…

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