Does it happen to you?

Hi Everyone,

Since my childhood whenever I was down with fever I had illusions. Before anyone of you jump their guns let me explain.  With body writhing in pain and temperature not settling down my brain could imagine things in darkness (only and rarely in fever only :)) I remember one such incident.  I think I was seven years old then.  Down with high fever taking a nap was becoming next to impossible.  I was tossing in the bed trying to close my eyes, suddenly I felt there’s someone behind the curtains. It seemed like a giant was standing just behind the curtains and would soon enter the house and take us all away.  I started screaming “there is someone standing there, please check”.  My mother and father who just slipped into the sleep after trying to comfort me woke up.  They tried to pacify me and switched on the lights to show me there’s no one standing there.  I was convinced that it was my imagination only.  Even at this age whenever I suffer with fever it happens sometimes that suddenly I see vague things in air and fear that they would harm me, though I don’t shout anymore 🙂  And the very next second I get up with fear only to find it was my illusion.  A big sense of relief!

Thinking of such incidents gave me another insight into the problems of life:

  • A person who is suffering with pessimism would regard every “not so” favourable situation in life as a gigantic problem just like a weak body’s brain imagining things.
  • A helping hand or hands patting back with encouragement, optimistic people are just like those consoling  words who try to pacify your fears and help you see better.
  • But at the end of the day it is you who have to take charge of your life just like getting up from sleep if illusions seem to harm you and assure yourself that everything is just fine.

This is just what I feel and this is my experience.  I would like to know if it has happened to anyone of you out there?  Would you be interested in telling me because I am interested in listening to your story.



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4 thoughts on “Does it happen to you?

  1. Yes, it has happened with me too because I used to be down with fever so frequently in my childhood.
    You have written it so well. Flow is good. Only a bit carefulness will help you do away with loose sentences.

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