Suicide -The Only Solution?

Hi Everyone,

Suicide, a painful end to even painful life.  For many around the world pain of taking away own life is easier than leading the life itself.  I still fail to understand how could one muster enough courage to take such a dreadful decision when they could have an alternate solution.  Either jumping of a building or popping up sleeping pills or slitting the important nerve or hanging self or… we have a big range of options, nothing is painless then how the plan of suicide is executed, I am clueless.  Failure in exams, failed relationship, rejection in love, loss in business, rejection from society…. What could be a valid reason supporting this extreme step that might put an end to the problems of the person in question (as imagined by the same person) but crashes down the dreams and world of near and dear ones.

Thinking of such a complicated issue reminds me of a beautiful story that was telecast on national television almost three decades ago when I was a child:

A man severely bludgeoned by failure in life slowly drifts into depression.  He couldn’t see anything positive happening in life.  He did everything he could to salvage his family from heavy financial losses that he has incurred in business.  He had no alternate job either.  Surrounded by problems and no solution in sight he decided to commit suicide and takes a walk on railway track to lay off his life.  He was pulled aside in the nick of time by one of his friend and reprimanded for trying to commit such a serious offence (it is a crime legally as well).  The words of the man who was just saved were “why did you try to save me.  What is left in my life so that I shall live. You might have heard of Beg, Borrow and Steal.  I borrowed from every second person, begged for mercy from creditors in the face of insolvency but of no use.  And my morals taught me not to steal.  What shall I do in such a situation.  It’s always easier for anyone out of realm of my world to comment about what shall I do and shall not.  You tell me what option do I have” he questioned his friend and broke down in tears.  His friend tried to pacify him and said “Come with me I want you to meet someone”.  He took him to a mansion.  They went inside and the friend asked the servant to call the master of the house.  The first man was lost in his thoughts such as why they were there, whom they are going to meet, what could be reason behind this meeting and so on.  Soon an elderly man was in front of them. He was on a wheelchair.  They greeted each other.  The first man was wearing his problems on his face.  His friend explained the situation to the rich elderly man.  He smiled to himself and the first man couldn’t understand anything.  This to an extent also infuriated him.  “So young man, you were about to end your life, isn’t it?” asked the rich man.  The man answered in affirmative but a feeling of shame could be seen on his face. “And that too for such a small issue” the rich man again poked him. “Don’t belittle my problems.  Just because you were born with a silver spoon and continue to bathe and dine in prosperity you have no right to insult me or any person who is below you economically in this manner.  You have no idea what problems I have faced in my life” the man replied angrily.  To this the man in the wheelchair smiled and told him that he was born in slums where living is nothing but a nightmarish struggle of everyday.  Things are not easy for a physically able person in such conditions and he was handicapped since the age of three years.  With social disapproval and dismal conditions the determination to improve life not only for himself but for many like him gave him the impetus to strive hard for success in life.  He narrated him how he fought every odd and how he is now a millionaire and a shelter to many underprivileged, a source of employment to thousands.  At the end he asked the man who came to him “I would give you employment in one of my factories but would you return the favour by donating your legs to me?” The first man was taken aback doesn’t know what to answer.  He was soon moved by the voice of the man in the wheelchair “See if you can’t part away with one part of your body how could you end your life, isn’t it much painful.  When I can be here with a disability like this you can scale much greater heights given that you are physically able, age is on your side and I am sure you are gifted with a brain too”.  The man is now filled with a new enthusiasm decided to take life head on.

This story made me realise the importance of life.  I know people who are deep down in problems and depression have started engulfing them would say it is always easier to comment than to live their lives.  But believe me living and leading lives is definitely much easier than taking away lives.  Just the way we don’t have a right to end other’s lives we don’t possess that right even for ourselves.  For a simple reason: there are many lives tied to ours, our premature exit could spell disaster for them.  Today we all are on same page, bludgeoned by problems – medically, financially, emotionally but suicide is never a solution.  Before taking up such a drastic step lift your eyes and look around, there’s much more in this world and to this life – many souls with greater problems living with a smile of positivity and much more happiness, opportunities coming our way – don’t miss them.





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2 thoughts on “Suicide -The Only Solution?

  1. Thank you because you gave me a solution once again. Frankly speaking I am presently in the same situation and every day from last two months I feel to end up but again and again I give a next day but deeply hurt I never get solutions and cry. But you and your post taught me a lesson. Even I have printed the story so that if again I face the same thought then I could again read it and move ahead.

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