A Simple Question


To all the beautiful mothers out there. Don’t you agree with me if I say being a mother is the most understated job in the world. 24/7, 365 days on a call’s distance, it’s time that we shall start taking pride in ourselves as we are the first teachers, constant companions, child’s first super chef and what not as far as a child’s “first” is concerned. I don’t want to elaborate anymore on the importance and greatness of a mother, since we all aware of that. Today I am writing to askย all the mothers out there a seemingly easy questionย but a tough task when put in practice.

As a mother we have different challenges in front of us. What values to be given, how to imbibe culture in kids, how to educate them. Every issue mentioned here is of great importance as they shape up and decides the future of kids. They are important for a healthy mind. And along with a healthy mind a healthy body is very important and it can be attained only if kids eat right.

My question is “Do your kids eat right?”, “What are your tricks/ hacks to make them eat well?”. In this advanced age of internet everyone has a balanced diet chart at their disposal at the click of a button but to put the chart on table and make it reach the tiny tummies is an uphill task. To dish out a variety everyday which looks appealing, smells amazing and tastes superb… phew… it’s a brain draining exercise, isn’t it? And after all the exercise poor mothers cannot bet safely that the plates are empty on table and so is the case with the lunch boxes that are packed with great care and love. With two kids I am experiencing a nightmare everyday in my efforts to make them eat a proper meal. No amount of shouting, running after them is yielding a satisfactory result because at the end of the day the last resort that comes to my rescue is milk. (they don’t mind having it many times during a day).

So dear mothers share with me your experiences and give me few tips on how to make sure that kids eat well. I would be waiting for your response.

Enjoy motherhood

6 thoughts on “A Simple Question

  1. ๐Ÿ˜ I’m a little bit of Hitler in this field… I cook their choice of food but then there are days when simple menu is there and they wiggle their noses and make faces. My simple rule is… eat or leave it. If you eat it then good. If you leave it…. well… 1. then you don’t get the next meal. 2.in the next meal I’ll definitely make something that you love, but will be denied. 3. No fast food / restaurant/ mc donalds/ pizza … because they didn’t eat what was served at home. ๐Ÿ˜. Though most of the times it’s their choice only… but sometimes that is at least 2ice a wk food if my choice is cooked… and it’s easy it or leave it. ๐Ÿ˜œ they eat it.

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