Time to take action

Hello Everyone,

While surfing news channels over net I came across a CNN report stating that India is moving fast as a manufacturer of cars.  Prior to this concentration was on assembling, but with “Make in India” more and more high-end players in the field of car manufacturing prefer manufacturing in India thanks to cost efficiency.  This is a sure shot boon to India in terms of its position on global map of international trade and employment levels in the nation.

Not only the supply is increasing there is a multiple fold increase in the demand of cars as well.  More and more people investing money in four wheelers.  The visible proof to this are the overcrowded roads which I have seen in Delhi (national capital) and that’s only an example of one state of the country.

Image result for overcrowded roads of delhi

(Picture courtesy: internet)

The good thing is demand induces investment and every investment injected into the economy creates more income for the economy multiple times it is called multiplier effect (read GDP increase). More income spend by one becomes income for other, and their income when spent becomes income for other and so on.  For example if a person’s income is Re.1 and consumption is of Re 0.80 then the multiplier is :  K= 1/1-MPC, K= 1/1-0.80 which equals to 5.  Now when an investment of Rs.100 is made it would increase the overall income in the economy five times which means the final figure would be Rs.500 (100*5).

Therefore it’s a win-win situation for the country.

Now let’s see the other side of the picture.  I am not against the positive effect of manufacturing cars would have on the economy but I worry about the effect of increased number of cars plying on road would have on environment.  Apart from overcrowding of roads (no amount of newly constructed roads and flyovers are sufficient to accommodate the ever-increasing number of cars) that renders you more often than not stuck in traffic the grave issue is of pollution.   Emission from vehicles is one of the biggest contributor to the particulate matter in the air that makes it highly poisonous.  Recently in news is the capital city of India, Delhi for the high levels of air pollution.  So poisonous the air has become that the state (union territory) is called the “gas chamber”.  Breathing in is becoming hazardous for health.  The fact that 10% of deaths among kids aged below 5 years is a proof of how serious the situation is.  Those who have a roof over their heads can stay indoors but those who are homeless are inline directly with the poisonous intake.  It is something that needs to be addressed on an emergency basis (I fail to understand though the state is turning out to be a concrete jungle but many heads are seeking shelter under sky).  The issue at hand has become so dense (thick smog has blanketed the state) the authorities have ordered closing of schools for few days as children are the worst effected due to smog.

Sitting in front of my laptop I could guess how grave the situation is.  Actually I have witnessed the situation in August when I was in that part of the world but now situation has only worsened.  Now I am worrying as I have one more visit scheduled in January along with my kids.

So coming back to the core – issue cars & air pollution.  Since we have already taken a note of how manufacturing and buying of this machine have positive impact on economy of the country I am not against using cars.  BUT! actually a big But, in order to combat the current problem at hand I feel these measures in relation to cars could be go a long way in lowering the levels of pollution:

  • Car pooling:  I know one would want to flaunt their mean machines on road for others envy but pooling of cars which means using one car for one direction either by people of same house or friends who have same destination.  That would bring down the number of cars on road and pollution as well.  It could save you few bucks spent on fuel as well (economical too)  I have seen if a household is having 4 cars, all four would be on road seating just one person even if they are travelling to same destination.  It’s a big “NO”.
  • Ditch the Car:  If the distance is 1 km or less than that for which you could take a walk or do cycling, better do it.  Its fruitful considering your physical fitness and would give a better air to breath for your kids, isn’t it?

Let’s give better air for future to breath, let’s do our part. It is indeed “Time to action” before it is too late.



4 thoughts on “Time to take action

  1. I am glad that India has an economic growth! That’s important for the rest of the world now that China is slowing down and nobody knows what will happen in the USA.
    I hope all car manufacturers in the world will change electric cars and other non-petrol


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