Something Fishy!

Hello Everyone,


He was ringing the door bell continuously for about 7 minutes but no response.  He was fuming at his wife, tried to call her on her mobile but same result – no response.  Tired of standing at the door and receiving no response he went back to office where he had kept an extra set of keys for emergency situation.  Throughout the drive to and fro he was thinking where his wife could have gone, how could she be so irresponsible to not to respond neither to the door bell nor to the calls.  Husband, in his thoughts “what kind of behaviour is this?  She knows that I would be hungry and tired but she doesn’t care for me.  I am sure she might have gone to some friend’s place or shopping.  I am fed up with all this”.  Not even once the thought of his wife being in some kind of problem or pain crossed his mind.

He reached home, opened the door and thought of checking the bedroom once to see if by any chance his wife is sleeping.  He was right, wife was sleeping.  That infuriated him to no ends.  “Sleeping, now?  Your careless behaviour is getting on my nerves now.  I haven’t had anything for lunch today and you are aware of this.  You enjoy seeing me suffer be it with hunger, be it with pain or be it with stress.  Now come on, get up and give me something to eat” he vented out his anger on her.  But when he could elicit no reaction from her it bewildered him.  He smelled something fishy.  Now he tried to wake her up using physical force but he failed to get her to senses.  Darkness engulfed his eyes, hands and feet were numb and cold, drenched in .perspiration.  She breathed no more.  His world came crashing down.  Before he could think of anything else he found a letter on the side table written by her.  It read:

“Dear Husband,

I may not be around by the time you read this.  I thought a lot before taking this step. In fact I tried a lot not to let my courage fail.  But today my soul has succumbed to the injuries that your words made.  We have been together since five years and we had our precious moments, madly in love with each other.  I tried to console my heart giving an account of all those beautiful moments but when I sat down to tally numerous moments of these five years of togetherness liabilities of anger and disrespect  weighed a lot as compared to the passion and compassion on assets side.  You always used to say forget and forgive as whatever I say in a fit of rage doesn’t mean anything, my only flaw is my anger and I really love you.  But I am sorry that I could only forgave you but can’t forget how badly bruised my heart was with the venom that you vent out.  I am not blaming you, it’s just that you don’t have to put up anymore with this useless, good for nothing, an unwanted burden and the biggest mistake of your life – this is what you used to say and made me feel.  One important thing that I always wanted to tell you, Relationships can continue even if there is no love but if respect ceases to exist in a relationship that dooms the relationship. 

Yours lovingly



It is really important to watch our words, people tend to forget actions but words remain etched in hearts.  Before shooting out any word stop, think and speak. 








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18 thoughts on “Something Fishy!

  1. Sad but true…. it happens…my neighbor immolated herself after her husband was mean to her. Not that he didn’t love her but he preferred TV more to her and his son…and wanted no part in helping her with the child. An argument started when the in-laws left for the club…. after which she took the extreme step by licking herself in the kitchen.

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