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Hi Everyone,

My name is Lara, 18-year-old college student. Exams are round the corner, books are on table and myself in tension. In fact in TENSION! Feel the intensity and impact. So much to finish and yet not started. Few pages turned and I could feel the curtains of eyelids drawing. This really amazes me that we could dance away throughout the night, chat under sheets (online on phone :))till wee hours but when it comes to study we, okay let me rectify, I find it difficult to deviate from timetable and sit for an extra hour. And I gave up and set alarm for henext morning which is always meant to extended by five minutes. And believe me the entire 7 hours sleep won’t be as satisfying as a nap taken in those five minutes. So leaving behind the pile of books I went to catch my sleep. Within…

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One thought on “I AM P.A. TO YOUR FATHER

  1. Hey there Old Sport, I’m K&L, the Author & Publisher of The Millionaire’s Digest and I’ve accepted your request! I’ve sent you an invitation to your email. Thank you!

    -The Millionaire’s Digest Author & Publisher

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