Fake is good (sometimes😋)

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Banquet hall was hustling and bustling with guests who came to attend the wedding reception.  Everything there was beautiful and dazzling just a reminder and reflection of enormous amount of hard cash emptied.  Arrangements were magnificent.  Every minute detail was taken care of in order to make the event talk of the town.

The hall was full of colours (not referring to the floral decorations or the light arrangements) but the faces.  Beautiful faces all around, under the layers of makeup which not only hid few blemishes but barred the heart from showing up. Though the cheeks had a pink blush but eyes were green with envy; few had the liveliness of purple (few drinks down perhaps 😇), few were pale (may be someone else wearing the same patterned dress, so the zing gone😞).

Now Mrs.Sharma enters the hall.  A middle-aged lady from a well to do family (everyone thought so, don’t have the balance sheets and account books, sorry!☺) is a sworn ostentatious person.  She lets no opportunity go to seek attention.  Be it her son’s MBA degree or the gift she gave to her maid on Diwali (Indian festival of lights).  Boasting is her second nature.  Everyone is aware of her attention seeking nature and do give her attention too but only to enjoy tales later.  She was more or less a topic for gossip mongers.  Even today she made heads turn towards her as she entered the hall.  And today something was different.  She haven’t even let her words out of her mouth but she was already garnering lot of interest and she did know this.  She was smiling on the outwardly appearance but couldn’t stop dancing within her thoughts as she is the centre of attraction in the hall.

“Oh Mrs.Sharma, so good to see you.  What a lovely jewellery you are wearing, this is simply magical!  Do let me know the outlet from where you brought this, I would love to have one” said one of the guests time and again praising the beauty of the jewellery Mrs.Sharma was adorning.  Now it’s her turn to answer and show off privileges she enjoy which is her usual agenda.  “Oh Mrs.Khanna, pleasure is mine to meet you. Thank you so much for such lovely compliments.  Actually this is a limited edition set that my son has sent all the way from Belgium.  This is an exclusive diamond set.  Anyways I will surely ask my son to send one more if same design re-enters market.  Then we would wear it together and surely be tagged as sisters or best friends” giggles.

During the entire event Mrs.Sharma was busy showcasing her prized possession and was successful in seeking the desired attention.  Everyone inside the hall was talking about Mrs.Sharma (perhaps her jewellery☺).  But there was someone else who was keenly interested in her exclusive, limited edition of Belgian diamond set.

A pair of eyes following her everywhere even to the buffet as if keeping a tab on number of calories she had.  But something serious and dangerous was about to happen.

Soon Mrs.Sharma stepped out of the hall and started walking towards her car which was parked at a distance.  Lights in the background faded as she walked.  Little did she know that someone else is matching steps with her.  So carried away she was in the praises showered upon her that she could not sense the presence of someone else.  She reached the car door and she was about to open the door that a hand reached her neck and snatched away her necklace and raced the bike away in darkness ahead and within 30 seconds even the roar of the mean machine died.  She was shocked beyond words could explain which was obvious.

After the uproar about the theft settled down a young man (in mid twenties) walked into a jewellery showroom and wanted to sell his grand mother’s necklace but he didn’t have a copy of receipt of the purchase.  He convinced the shopkeeper that it truly belongs to him and now he wants to sell it as there is  an emergency in the family.  The owner of the shop suspected a foul play and excused himself on the pretext of arranging the money.  He then took the necklace inside and checked the authenticity of it.  It turned out to be nothing but junk.  He informed the police which soon arrived and arrested the young man along with the necklace.  The young man happened to be a member of chain snatcher gang operating in the city and the necklace belonged to Mrs.Sharma☺.  Along with this recovery many other valuables were recovered and handed over to thier legitimate owners.

The thief could have never imagined that curtains to his act would be drawn by a piece of junk 😀.  Must be cursing the fateful day when his eyes were blinded by the glitter of his own misery.

Moral (in fact morals) of the story:

  • Everything that glitters is not gold (or diamond ☺).  I know it is clichéd but true to the core.
  • This one is especially for all the jewellery loving women: fake (read not gold, platinum, diamond) is always not bad.  At first place it is not expensive.  Even if it lost or stolen only few tears would be shed, heart won’t bleed😂
  • And remember variety:  Husband’s won’t sulk for granting permission to this and you could surely stock up a huge variety which means less repetitions in different events 💍💎

Think about it😉

Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

4 thoughts on “Fake is good (sometimes😋)

  1. Great story 🙂 And great morals.. I was just reading it wondering if I would ever really want to be that “well-known..” I think that a part of me craves the limelight, but also the shadows.. maybe this is why I have never been too bothered about labels and expensive jewelry.. I don’t know. Thanks for sharing, is very thought provoking 🙂

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