Where are we heading towards?

Hi Everyone,

31st December,  all news channels flashing pictures of New Year celebrations across the world where everyone bade goodbye to 2016 and welcomed 2017 with pomp.   Be it London or Dubai, the sky was illuminated with millions of colourful stars which were there for seconds.  Joy was in air (though I fail to understand till date why so much fanfare as it’s just a change in calendar 😞).

And as I was surfing channels two incidents stuck me really hard.   The First one was about the terrorist attack in Turkey.  39 innocent people killed in a nightclub when maniacs entered the nightclub and unleashed the ambush of bullets, spraying on everything and everyone present there.   Blood and gore all around.  And the culprits still at bay.  And what purpose has been served with this cowardice act?  God only knows.  On this note these creepy, not fit to be called human must know that they are maligning the name of God by associating God and terrorism, calling it a war, a crusade against the sinners or unbelievers.  It simply baffles me and leaves me annoyed to no ends to know the fact that innocent lives are being sacrificed in the name of religion/ God.  I  believe it’s better to be an atheist than to misinterpret the message of God and creating havoc.

The second incident that left me fuming and hurt is from my land, India.  Once again the question “is India safe for women?” Or rather a statement that “India is unsafe for women” has raised its head and our eyebrows.   This time its the city of Bengaluru.  Women were physically abused in full public glare.  But no arm had enough power to combat the wrong and no voice had strength to rise against the insult done, not just to women but to humanity.  But what is more appalling is how the administrators of state behaved.  The victim was questioned, her character put in dock, insensitive questions like “what was she wearing?”, “what she was doing out at that hour?”, “was she accompanied by a male or not?”, “was she boozing?” were raised.  Isn’t it infuriating when the elected leaders of the government bodies make derogatory remarks like:

  • Molestation happens because girl was not careful and was aping western culture by wearing short dresses or enjoying with friends with some drinks.
  • Women are like sugar and men are ants so their actions are not questionable or objectionable.
  • Boys will be boys, thus issuing them the license to go haywire.

For all those idiots making such idiotic comments I have few questions:

  • Agreed that short dresses are not a part of our “culture” but is molestation/rape a part of our culture?
  • It’s very convenient to put the blame on victim in such cases saying that it is the victim who provoked men with their actions and dressing sense but what provocation is involved when a girl child of as young as five-year old (may be more younger) falls prey to such heinous crimes?
  • What about women who face such atrocities behind the closed doors of their homes by someone closely related?
  • How would you analyse the mentality of people from your own cadre (read leaders) who were caught watching porn in assembly where they were supposed to discharge their duties towards the nation?

The two incidents that I spoke about are caught in the eye of camera but across the world, everyday many untoward acts are taking place that would hang the head of humanity in shame and make us question ourselves “where are we heading towards?”.  We’re in times where we are training our pets to be orderly and behave like human but ourselves, we are losing our credentials to be called human.

Just think about it.


5 thoughts on “Where are we heading towards?

  1. I had these questions you asked in my mind too, felt multiple times to ask the same. The Indian society who worships GOdess Durga and virgin Mary is doin hediou​s things on the street. God knows what society we all are growing up to be in.

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