If mirror could speak the truth


I was in 4th grade when I  read the story of “Snow White “.  Beautiful story, isn’t it?   Every character is still fresh in my mind.  There was a step mother character who was evil and lived with the only intention of harming her step daughter and the central character “Snow White”.  And along with this evil intention she had an obsession of talking to mirror and expecting an answer pacifying her false notion of being very beautiful, in fact the most beautiful. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s beautiful of them all” she used to question her magic mirror.  But the answer that her mirror gave made her go green with envy.  Answer was “Snow White” and the drama unfolds.

But I wonder what if the question was the other way round “who is the ugliest?” Or even better if the mirror could speak the truth.  That wicked queen might have amended her ways then.

Well, isn’t it an interesting thought to introspect “what if the mirror could speak the truth?” What if it could show the real “US”.

As a part of human tendency very conveniently we pass judgements on others. “She is shrewd”, “he is rude”, “a very boring personality”, “dumb”, “irritating” and every possible adjective you could think of.   But one thing we always forget – if our one finger points out at other, rest of the three-point at us.  Which simply means before we judge others we should think once “what we are/ how we are as a person”.

So next time before we brand a person we shall ask our mirror to show the real we, what say?

10 thoughts on “If mirror could speak the truth

  1. In fact you have an idea of the mirror with Snow White’s story.
    I now give an idea. Taking a small mirror with us in our pockets rather. Showing and telling the other person that just now my mirror showed me the truth; I know what I am.


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