2 better than 1

Hi Everyone,

I am back from sabbatical of one month.  Was in India to attend my brother’s wedding.   I missed this platform the most, all those views,  likes and comments to say the least 😊.

Coming back to the title “2 better than 1”, before you indulge your brain in any guess-work and think that I am going to throw light on numerology or other such fields let me clarify that my focus is only on “Second” child – why not have one?

Complete Family portrait:  When we talk about a “complete  family picture ” it is more or less a norm that we are referring to four members – father, mother and rest is for you to decide 😉.

Don’t worry, you will do fine :  Well apprehensive approach of couples is quite understandable when it is about their first child but  with a second child in the picture apprehensions take a back seat if not off the ride completely as they already are “parents”.  And once parents, they have already acquired the useful tips of childcare though every child is different but knowledge gained is never a waste, I can bet my life on that as I am a mother of two.

Sharing and Caring:  A sibling at home goes a long way in imparting important values of sharing and caring.  As siblings grow together they develop an emotional  bond (apart from blood ties).  A Child’s best friend @ home for life is sibling.  Between them they share not only commodities but their turmoil, secrets, laughter and much more.  Adjustment and compromise come to them little more easily.  A child must have a sibling because there are many things in life that a child might not be able to share and discuss with parents or anyone else outside even with friends then only a sibling can be his or her confide.

A big family tree:  I have many uncles, aunts, cousins – first and so on.  I am sure most of us have many linear and non linear (read very confusing, extended branches of a family tree)  relationships and sky is the limit for fun when a family gathers under one roof, isn’t it?   Now just imagine a scenario where our precedents had just one offspring each, would that family gathering be so huge then?  Or will there be a gathering at first place?  Having more than one kid only helps in spreading the branches of a family tree, will help our kids understand relationship values better.

Well, having one or two kids is a personal prerogative.   By no means I want to demean the “single”child families because all said and done no one else knows the circumstances of the family than the family itself  .  But as they say two is always better than one having a second child fills home with more laughter, more fights 😉 too, more love and of course more memories 😊.




4 thoughts on “2 better than 1

  1. Hi! Great post. Just a quick note- I have hit 100 followers today, and you are one of them, so I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for following and supporting me. It really means a lot, as the book is still coming along, and I am still trying to increase my web presence. Thank you again, and I really hope to hear more of you in the future! 🙂

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    1. I am really overwhelmed by the fact that you actually too out time to read, wish and say thanks to me. Congratulations on 100 followers mark. And I am sure this is just the beginning. You are here to make your presence felt and it would not only be felt but appreciated. Mark my words dear 😊

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      1. Aah thanks so very much, your kind words really mean a lot 🙂 I am hoping to get this bloomin book out of me, and into a form which I think is accessible and compelling, but mostly HELPFUL to people still suffering serious symptoms. I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but it’s do-able! Thanks a lot for your support, keep in touch! 🙂


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