Does Having Fortune Make You Fortunate?

Hello Everyone,

Well before I could present my perception about how to define “Fortunate” or rather who is one,   I would like to share (many might know it) a story with you all that has been doing rounds in my mind for quite sometime now:

once upon a time there lived a king.  His passion was to amass wealth and more wealth.  One day a sage visited his kingdom and he was served wholeheartedly by the king.  The sage was overwhelmed by the devotion of the king and wanted to grant him a boon.  On being asked to wish for a boon king without blinking asked for “golden touch”.  He said “Oh holy sage!  Please bless me with golden touch, whatever I touch turns to gold”.  To this the sage smiled and asked the king to double-check what he is wishing for.  But the king remained unfazed and insisted on having the boon and the sage finally granted his wish.  So happy was the king to receive the boon and was impatient to try how effective was that.  Started touching everything  that was in his sight and everything actually turned into gold.  To begin with he was very happy.  Few hours passed and the excitement started to fade away.  During that period his beloved daughter came running to him.  With joy and love he embraced his daughter and forgot about the boon and it turned to be a curse for him.  His daughter turned into a gold statue.  His agony knew no bounds as people feared coming near to him.  His daughter can no more talk to him.  Hunger and thirst started to haunt him.  So much wealth around but not even a single morsel to eat and a drop to drink. Even if food was given through some means it turned out to be gold with his touch.  Now the king was shattered, started to look out for the sage and ask him if he could free him from this boon which turned out to be a curse.

I could not finish it because I don’t remember exactly what was the ending of this story, please excuse me for that.  But my question is “does fortune alone makes you fortunate? “.  If the answer is affirmative then that king was very fortunate who was bestowed with the Midas touch  turning everything into gold literally with his touch.  But sadly hunger can only be satiated with a square meal and only water could quench thirst.   A wallet worth millions is useless if you can’t get food when you are hungry, period!

There is a very famous play by Charles Dickens  called “Christmas Carol” which beautifully differentiates between having fortune and being fortunate.  A man with huge wealth but devoid of love and affection faces the worst crisis after his death, not even a single person willing to move the coffin to the burial ground.  On the other hand a family with meagre salary and numerous problems at the dining table thanking God for what they have and leading a cheerful life with love and care for each other.  These two episodes were shown by the angles of time to Mr.Scrooge (I hope I spelled it right  😊).  The first episode was his future and it was his dead body waiting to be moved to the burial ground.  And the second scene is from present where his nephew is in poverty yet happy simply by the virtue of love they had for each other.   Who is fortunate between them?

Making fortunes is a tough task and most of us would agree with that (not referring to scrupulous methods) but being fortunate in real sense is relatively more tougher.  What is real sense here?  Caring hearts, loving and forgiving souls, helping hands and praying lips – these make you fortunate.  Fortune lost can be acquired but once you lose people who love you for what you are and not for what you have, it can take a lifetime to amend that loss.

Now that was some heavy philosophical dosage right?  Let me make it simple, I mean let us analyse the situations prevailing in the  current world or better from our day-to-day lives.  There are times when I see the posts on Social media and start thinking, do self introspection ( to be precise self-criticism), comparison and eventually slip into depression thinking – “What life they have?”, ” I wish I could have enjoyed such vacations”, ” She is a working mother, earning and taking care of her family and I am a failure “, “Oh how I wish I was born in royal family enjoying such status” and this continues till I am given the reality check by my better half who is a matured person with deep understanding of things and I am still learning 😊.  (No character judging here please, I am sure everyone of us have such vulnerable moments when our sensibility goes for a toss 😊)

He simply puts it this way:   You are far more fortunate than many people in the world because you don’t have to think from where you would get your next meal.  You are fortunate because you are leading a secured life without worrying about the basic or in fact many things in life.  You are fortunate because you have a loving and supportive family.  You are fortunate because you have freedom – to choose your career, your lifestyle and pretty much everything.  You are fortunate because you are educated .  I agree that you don’t have a luxurious life but you have a very comfortable life which many dream of.  Never belittle the blessings you are bestowed with. 

He is right.  Having Fortune and being fortunate have no linear relationship.  It’s a subjective issue with varied perceptions.  But at the end of the day fortunes can only buy people who pretend to love you but can never earn you people who really do that actually makes you fortunate.  Work hard to build fortunes but strive harder to earn goodwill and amass love.




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8 thoughts on “Does Having Fortune Make You Fortunate?

  1. I do remember that story. In the end he finds that sage and asks him to take back the boon he was blessed with.

    You have put in a lot of thoughts in this one. I agree that apart from word similarity, there is hardly any meaning similarity between fortune and fortunate. Sure there is no liner relationship. May be some kind of complex polynomial.

    This was a very nice read. Enjoyed all the thoughts and quotes you have shared.. 🙂


  2. Totally agree, these 2 things are very different. Yes money and a good life is very important but you don’t want to be a bird in a golden cage.


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