Don Your Imagination Caps

Hello Everyone,

Let’s do this petty exercise.  Wear your “Imagination” caps (not thinking caps!).  And tell me what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this picture:


Don’t run after logic, don’t try to be logical.  Just let your imagination flow and tell me what it could possibly be?

You may find it is absurd and say there’s nothing meaningful in that picture.  No shape, no face, no format….. basically it is nothing.

But if we show the same picture to N number of kids we will be surprised by the N number of answers.  Because their minds are free birds.  They don’t get bogged down by the weight of making sense in everything and that is what that keeps them happy.  As they grow up we leave no stone unturned to make them “Sensible”, “logical” (which is inadvertently illogical many a times) this makes them lose their stream of imagination.  This is what happened to us and this is what we are doing to our next generation.

But I don’t completely blame anyone.   This is it and can’t be done away with. We being social animals try to trend the same path often tried and tested. Still I feel it is okay to think different from set norms or standards.  If not throughout but sometimes.

If little bit of imagination,  little day dreaming, a little bit of “Out Of The Box” thinking can spell happiness (no issues with success as well 😀) there’s no harm.

Remember imagination and creativity is not a prerogative and patented quality of artists.  We all have it.  Just unwrap it.  Indulge in nonsensical conversations yet humorous with your near and dear one’s,  get your hands dirty with colours or mud with your kids, listen to their no header – no footer stories and cook up one or two yourselves…. Just do it and see the pleasure.

Nothing is senseless in this world and you don’t have to make sense in everything. 

Do give me replies as to what do you think about this picture, I am waiting!

16 thoughts on “Don Your Imagination Caps

    1. the picture to me depicts a world scenario where greenery is fading very quickly other colors of humanity are showing up like greed, jealousy, etc.


    1. One more idea/option as to state what it is. Thank you for responding. Tricolour- because it is actually some colouring activity with my kids I was doing. So no particular thing or pattern it is.


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