Was It Meant To Be?

Candles Online

Was our story meant to end the way it did –

  Was it meant to begin, to begin with?

You once said you can walk miles with me by your side –

 Was the journey meant to end because the path was rough?

You once said let’s get closer –

Were the distances meant to be drawn because of distant destinations?

You said once that your eyes long to see me –

Was my heart meant to yearn for you forever?

You once said life is to live –

Were my feelings meant to be paralyzed because of your rejection?

You once said happiness is to see me smile –

Were my tears meant to go down unnoticed?

You once said our togetherness is meant to be cherished for a lifetime –

Are your memories meant to haunt me throughout my life?

I am still carrying the baggage of…

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