Let’s Learn It From Kids


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Hello Everyone,

In the process of raising our kids we impart (try to constantly) many things, per say – discipline, values, ethics, etiquettes.  From how to eat to how to and what to wear, how to sit and how to behave especially with strangers (read do not entertain), we keep on instilling things into their heads.  But have you ever wondered what our kids can teach “US”?  They are of course very good teachers if only we can see:

  • Unassuming they are: As we grow and evolve we become complex. And not just us but our relationships too get tangled many a times.  One of the main reasons behind things not remaining linear in our lives is our nature to “Assume”.  “I want to go on an all alone trip but I can’t express it because I know the answer would be NO” this is an example only.  We don’t express and assume that we would be misunderstood.  That’s where the problem lies.  We assume a lot and that messes up things many a time as a result of lack of clarity of communication.  On the other hand we have tender minds that speak up their likes, dislikes, preferences, whims and fancies, wishes – literally everything that leaves no room for ambiguity.  “Mom I want an ice cream, I don’t want broccoli” (I know not a healthy choice though😉)  but what’s important is they don’t assume our response and keep their thoughts to themselves.  That keeps things linear, period!
  • Ego at bay:  They fight, they unite.  I remember this particular episode from my childhood – I fought with my now best friend.  Face-offs, grouping followed but not for long.  We broke the ice when the other one needed help, it was that simple (hope she reads this😊).  But somehow Ego has become our staple and a constant companion which we misspell as “Self Respect”.   We find it really hard to extend our hand to sort out the differences cropping up only to see them develop as a permanent damage.  I wonder what would have been the outcome of our fight had it been fought now.
  • Never fail to question:  That might irritate us as adults but their eagerness to know things is something that we should learn.   Joy of exploration is surely something we should give a shot at because hadn’t it been the eager nature of questioning, we might not have our major inventions and discoveries that improved our lives.  Don’t you agree?

These are seemingly pretty simple things yet difficult to inculcate when you are an adult but as they say “Learning has no age”.  So keep trying and let the child in you Blossom to keep the complications at bay and make life simple, isn’t it worth that?




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2 thoughts on “Let’s Learn It From Kids

  1. That’s true…Children never have ill intentions they are epitome of joy and happiness , We should learn to be free spirit from these God Angels

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