Oh Woman! Go And Liberate Yourself


Hello Everyone,

I am not sure about how shall I begin this but I am pretty sure about what I want to say.  It’s about every wonderful woman around.  Now please men! don’t draw your inferences that this is another feminist post or male shamming post.  No it’s not.  It’s about three important “E”s that should be an integral part of any woman’s life.  They are:

  • Education
  • Earning
  • Evolving & Exploring

Educate yourself:  Don’t let anything or anyone come in your path where you are trending and striving to enrich and enhance your knowledge.  I remember clearly what did Michelle Obama once said  ” Had I concentrated on how I looked instead of aspiring big would you think it was possible for me to be the first lady of USA.  No guy is cute enough to distract you from your goal” (forgive me for discrepancies as I am not copying the text but reproducing what I read, I may be wrong in quoting but not summarising).  She exactly meant that no matter what, education should never take a back seat while rest of the things can wait.  So if you are a young girl, study hard before you party harder later in life 😋.  If you are a woman, well you can still educate yourself with new things in life and world.  Education shall never be narrowly defined by the degrees one receives but how enhanced it leaves the outlook.  Your education shall aim at making a better person out of you and definitely those certificates don’t harm either, do they?😉

Earn – Well this seems to be a tricky issue.  For many it is a matter of need where they share the responsibility of running a household or even shoulder the entire responsibility.  Question is what if that responsibility is being taken care of well by the male counterparts, would she  or does she have to stop earning?  I think “NO” unless her health / mental peace is at stake.  Even if she is not under the thumb of responsibilities she should work (not talking about chores, they anyways don’t leave us alone😀😉).  Because it’s not about the monthly salary but it’s about her aspirations, her independence, her dignity and more importantly about her happiness of being self-reliant.  Working for self and being self-reliant makes her less vulnerable to the uncertainties of life (you can have a different view-point).

Evolve & Explore:   Grab any opportunity that life throws at you to learn a new thing.  Driving, swimming, a new language, any form of art – be it the need of the hour or a self urge.  Evolving self helps not only to explore world (meet people, go places, know new things be it a practice or a myth or a fact) but explore a new dimension of ourselves and of course a sense of achievement at the end of the journey.  It’s imperative for our existence as a human.  So never stop evolving yourself and exploring.

A close look at the above mentioned aspects reflect the fact that they are like three strings of yarn woven tightly together making them inseparable. This is how it is:

  • Education helps one “Earn” knowledge and “Evolve” as a person having strong viewpoints.
  • Earning helps one to “Educate” with skills as well as about the world thus “Evolving” as a person with competence.

It’s just like a circle biting its own ends😁.

Important rules we all must remember:

  • Never fear your voice being unheard without letting it out.  Speak up!
  • The three important “E”s mentioned above, age is no bar – never.

So dear woman you are never too old to liberate yourself from perhaps your own idea of yourself – “I am just it”.  Go for it and be a happy woman you always wanted to be.




5 thoughts on “Oh Woman! Go And Liberate Yourself

  1. Theoretically​ sounds good but it’s kinda tricky as you also mentioned about it. Sometimes in Indian context it’s really very difficult to get these points accomplished​.

    Well written though. More practical examples can enhance the write up.


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