Had It Not Been Same?

*Fiction series # part 1

Hello Everyone,

My name is M.Swamy, working as a Client Relationship Manager in a MNC and recently shifted to Mumbai.  Finding an appropriate shelter in Mumbai is difficult than walking on water.  And even compromises doesn’t seem  to have mercy on pocket.  Anyways after toiling hard with a fair share of ordeals I did find a decent nest for myself – a small but a cosy one with amicable atmosphere around.

Soon I moved in.  It was the first Saturday after I moved in, I was relaxing after a long time – tiring weekdays and house searching marathon has taken a toll on me.  I badly needed this break.  It was 11 AM and I was leisurely sipping my coffee  while surfing channels on television.  There was knock at the door. “Might be maid, I told Watchman to send someone for petty chores and cooking” thoughts ran into my mind as I was about to open the door.  When I opened the door a man (must be in his late thirties) in neatly ironed clothes, hair partitioned to the right and a broad smile on his face said ” Hello, my name is Swamy” he introduced himself.  “Oh Swamy! I exclaimed and before I could finish my sentence he interrupted “not O.Swamy, I am M.Swamy” he tried to correct me as he couldn’t catch the break of words, this was my take on that interruption.  However I was a bit more excited which is natural when two people meet for the first time and with  same name including the initials and was about to say “Oh M.Swamy” but contained myself not be corrected again.  “Yes sir how may I help you?” I politely asked him.

“We moved in yesterday to this flat opposite to yours on this floor and thought why not get acquainted with the neighbors.  But wanted to meet you first as your name plate caught my attention” he said while his eyes were pointing towards my name plate which read “M.Swamy”.

“Oh! I nudged my head, ” I am M.Swamy, Murli Swamy,  please come in Mr… I paused as I wanted to know what M stands for in his name.

“I am Manohar” he completed my sentence as he shook hands with me.

To be continued….

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