Candles Online

He looked at her, realizing why she had looked vaguely familiar.  He remembered her from the time she had come to collect her husbands dues and he had been the one to sign that check.

He listened to her pleas with a slightly irritated look.  He had other meetings to attend to but something in her demeanour gave him pause.

“Mrs. Gupta, I am sorry for your struggles and would like to help but I can’t just loan out company money with the snap of a finger.  There are protocols in place that must be observed,” he said with some regret.

Her shoulders slumped and she began to sob even more. “Then I have truly lost everything,” she mumbled between sobs and stumbled from the office, no longer caring who saw her. In her grief, she headed down the wrong corridor and ended up at another office door. As she…

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