Candles Online

Silence suffocated them both before Atul excused himself citing a meeting with client, “Got to go, I have an important meeting lined up today.  Take care, bye“.

Hmm, you too” this is all Sanika could say before hanging up the call.

Both of them were on the same page today – very disturbed.

Sanika got up with her head heavily reeling, alcohol or the plethora of emotions churning in, what is effecting her so much, she is unable go decide. She freshened up and dragged herself to the breakfast area of the hotel hoping sniff and sip of freshly brewed coffee could help her deal the worst hangover of her life.

She was at table holding her cup with both hands as if she didn’t want it to slip, was it coffee or was it life she was clinging on, to prevent the spill. As she…

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