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Beautiful family pictures Sir” Raman complimented in an attempt to come back to present from his past which never ceases to instil guilt in him.

Pictures indeed, not sure of family though” sighed softly Dr.Lal looking at the walls. And an immediate gaze at his wife’s face interrupted him from ripping his heart and showing his agony. “Well young man something else is waiting for your compliments, let’s go and have dinner,” said Dr.Lal in a humorous tone drawing a beautiful curve on the faces of the hostess and the guest.

At the dinner table, during the dinner amidst rounds of admiration of sumptuous dinner, Raman asked Mrs.Lal about the beautiful family that adorned the walls.  Unlike Mr.Lal, Mrs.Lal showed enthusiasm in divulging the details, for mother she is always happy to talk about her children.  Pointing at one of the photographs she said:…

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