An End To The Enigma Of Life

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Originally Posted On Candles Online:

I kept wandering in the pursuit of happiness that never had any definitey.

I was surrounded by the maddening chatter of desires that robbed me of my serenity.

I kept looking for flaws in others to prove my superiority.

I was an obnoxious, boisterous trumpet busy in singing laurels in self-praise, deprived of humility.

I invested myself to the extent of immersion in the worldly ties that costed me my sobriety.

I propelled higher in the skies of baseless egos and crude pride that I lost connection with the reality.

I was absorbed by the frivolous vanity of material charms that left me with insanity.

I let my greed take over my senses and I became nefarious and lost even my humanity leave aside divinity.

I was flowing with the directionless wind until I encountered – Failure, Old Age, Illness & Death – Teachers who teach everyone without disparity.

I soon yet quite lately realised that I was so far indulged in a mirage hunt that never existed even remotely.

I now stood as a silent spectator, witnessing the changing masks, perhaps the real faces – shedding down inhibitions and civility.

I was baffled at first, agitated, and finally struck by melancholy to see everything moving away from my proximity.

I crumbled down like a brittle wall and wailed hard that echoed within, digging up and unearthing the dormant soul resting under the debris of mistaken identity.

I was now bound to listen to the resonating call of my true companion that completely shook me first with remorse only to bring tranquillity.

I realised the riches I amassed throughout never comforted me, contrary to that delight dwelled in a charity that has never been my priority.

I always had a safe distance from compassion while arrogance choreographed my relations that weathered away in the face of a calamity.

I, now a solitary reaper of venomous fruits of bitter seeds of my deeds quizzed my companion to suggest a way if any that leads to liberty.

I overheard as my companion whispered to my heart “seek forgiveness and salvation from the ever compassionate Almighty”.

I was again left in the lurch ” how shall I go about seeking the ultimate one and escape from the world and its duplicity.

I was startled when a voice echoed from within “shall I call you ignorant or address as innocent? Still searching out, paying no heed to the one residing in you since eternity”.

I stood sans commotion, letting the silence speak eloquently to and within me, taking the charge of my senses for the first time in a while now and soaking in the tranquillity.

I felt the warmth of my tears drenching my barren heart as his words are aiding cultivation of compassion & righteousness that would yield the crop of wisdom, the profit of salvation, making soul opulent, and lofty.

I latched onto the light of truth, dispelled the fog of ignorance that enveloped my being, the cluster that insidiously gripped me is losing its ground, a life that seemed enigmatic is now deriving it’s meaning while rediscovering its beauty!!!

18 thoughts on “An End To The Enigma Of Life

  1. It was nice read the post, yes women’s Are saviour, creater, a women are great mother
    Great sister
    Great wife
    I Respect women and supports too.
    Love you sister kalpana Vogeti di it was great you shared this to me, I Respect you
    Pankaj pandey

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    1. Thank you for reading this. We need to heed attention to what God wants us to be like, what’s the purpose of being born as a human being. Just follow the path of Dharma (not referring to any religion but righteousness) and have a compassionate soul, God is right here to take care of us. Thanks a ton for the support.


  2. The richness of your vocabulary is a testimony to your command over the language. The soul of your blog is clearly seen in your words. Keep up the good work.

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  3. My dear Kalpana this is a Masterpiece. I so thoroughly enjoyed scanning every line of your poem. Speechless! Keep penning, waiting for more from you. Spread the Good Vibes 🤗❤

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    1. Omg! You have made my day with your comment. Thank you so much for reading this. This is what I am actually inclined towards nowadays, want to travel more on this path towards finding my true self. Hope to travel far 😊

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  4. Your beautiful words are powerful, inspiring and thoughtful. I took my time to read and inhale it real careful and I even copied one phrase on a notepaper, to remind my self of a thought I need to learn from. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent of writing. Have a great inspiring week.

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  5. It’s really nice, but again the life is meaningless, if we are just going to search for a meaning throughout our life we are just going to be stuck finding it. There’s no coming back from it as one maybe sure about everything but one just does not know how to live life, that’s why we are finding ways to Live it rather than just living it. Not the least but there are times when people tend to confuse the truth with disenchantment…
    Keep up the good work.

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