Time do change


Hi Everyone,


This is a view from my window.  I could have taken a picture and posted it but wanted to give my fingers a little artistic exercise.   Hope it turned out good though miles away from the details of original scenery ☺.

It’s just a small passage but seems different to me with every changing season.  Winters are blank with snow laden branches and stairs whereas autumn is grey with leaves leaving their abode and taking shelter on ground.  Spring and summers – sun adds to the colour of the sky as well as kisses each and every nook and corner of this petty corner facing my window thus giving it a picturesque beauty.  To put it simply there’s an entire palate of colours – white, grey,  black, lush green, golden-yellow, soothing orange, lively blue and so on.  Changing colours of this petty passage gave me an important message of life – Time do change.

Just because leaves were shed from branches, a tree doesn’t uproot itself from the ground.   It  waits patiently for the kiss of sun rays that is due in spring.  And when that happens the tree knows that its time has changed.  Similarly few people trend that passage during winters but summers witness a constant flow of people especially parents accompanying their kids taking that passage.  It simply means time has changed.

Time changes – it is true for everyone.   We may be encountering lonely and rough phases and engulfed with sorrows but hope and patience would see us through.   On the other hand when in happiness one should never forget to keep allowances for bad time which is as unexpected as a guest.

I cannot draw the curtains forever because the sky outside my window is grey and breeds gloom in me.  Time would come soon when I would let the windows wide open to let in the whip of fresh air.

There’s a beautiful line from a pathetic movie 😁 that everyone must keep in mind:

Good thing about a bad time is that it ends;  Bad thing about a good time is that it ends too.

I strongly believe that no smile is permanent and no frown is forever.  But these things will ensure everlasting peace of mind :

  • Hope in God
  • Patience
  • Humble tone
  • Love fellow being.

Fade Away

Hi Everyone,

This is my trial with crayons.  I was not sure if I should bring it forth or not.  After a lot of self questioning I thought opinions do matter especially when you are trying something new.  Take a look and do let me know your honest opinion or rather how you felt.

As we have just entered into new year one more year has been added to history data.  And as we march further  many moments/ memories  would gradually fade away till completely lost in the vast ocean of time.  This is how I perceive it:


Don’t let your soul be sorrow stricken because of events that are a matter of past now.  Everything will “Fade Away”.