We were busy with our preparations, the festive mood was so on. There was hustle and bustle all around. Some were doing mundane chores, some were specialists, some were chirping in pearls of laughter while some were making faces for no apparent reason. In short “A Family” was there in its raw elements.  But someone […]



PROMPT: Standing in front of the mirror she didn’t like what she saw… Standing in front of the mirror she didn’t like what she saw. It’s not her. The reflection was only a mirage of her presence but the zealous, free-spirited girl was lost. He just kept imposing boundaries caging her while she kept compromising […]


Shortest Love Story

affection board broken broken hearted
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She had a monotonous life, which she always cursed standing at the bus stop from where she used to board a bus to hell – her office, her 4×4 cubicle which had a lot of commotion sans any emotion.

But that day had a surprise for her, her eyes met another pair of eyes, looking fondly at her from a distance, eyes smiled instantly and lips couldn’t remain unaffected.

And these smiles, glances, gentle gestures soon became a routine for her but she enjoyed this monotony and attention that never greeted her before and now she doesn’t want it to elude her.

Her looks and attire which she never cared for, now mattered to her and she put efforts to impress those eyes now, she was herself amused at this development.

And finally they inched a bit closer, from lovely glances to soft conversations the distance between them narrowed, all smiles, she could hear violins, too cinematic by her own confession but she couldn’t help herself  from getting drawn towards him.

And one day finally he saidyou got the most beautiful smile, your eyes speak volumes, I have been waiting to say this to you and I have a question for you – would you mind joining our gym, you just need to lose few pounds, you will look great, we are having a discount period running, what say?”.

This left her stumped, she was in doubt now, shall I marvel at his promotion genius or shall I fume at him that he indirectly called me fat or shall I nurse my shattered dream or SHALL I JOIN THE GYM?”

WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?

Note: Fiction but a virtual truth of many lives today.

Hello Everyone,

Summer vacations and kids at Grandma’s place, such a bliss!  Some shopping, spa time and some quality time with hubby dear – this was all playing in Supriya’s mind.  Daily chaos – kids, home, office to be taken care of and something which she regretted a lot was lack of time (more than obviously).  As a result of which someone else (better say something) entered into their lives and equations have changed forever.

Now it’s time for setting the equations right, thought Supriya.

It was Saturday, Supriya had a long day at salon – her much-needed break and makeover.  She looked fabulous.  She was really happy to see the outcome and hoping to get noticed (well women’s’ greatest confidence booster when a hefty amount is spent on wardrobe and salon is getting noticed 😀).

She reached home and the moment she stepped in her only expectation was to be complimented.  And she waited, waited and waited longer till she could hold it no more and broke the silence first.  “You didn’t even notice my new haircut.  Tell me how I look?” She asked excitedly but in a complaining tone.   To this her husband lifting his gaze from his I-pad looked at her and said “yeah you look good” in a tone which was nowhere equal to his wife’s excitement.  We women can accept brutal honesty even if it is negative but lukewarm responses do irritate us.  So was Supriya.  To add to her irritation her husband said “well your new haircut reminds me that there is a new collection of movies on Netflix, we must catch up” and again he was busy with his new companion leaving Supriya sulking.  She so wished to disconnect the WiFi so that she could get some attention but never mind data packages are there to spoil it entirely.

And days kept passing without an iota of change.

She needed her husband back who used to have a conversation with her like a pal and to this she took this extreme step and left a note:

“By the time you get up after your late night sittings with your gadget I would have left.  I am leaving for my new project work, will be back in 15 days.  Don’t try to call me as it’s a remote area with no phone or WiFi connectivity.  Enjoy your alone time, see you soon”.

With this she left no avenue of contact for him as well as left him wondering how to go about the daily chores beginning with a cup of coffee.  He was baffled as there was no prior intimation to him.

15 days passed and Supriya was back.  Her husband was happy to see her and enquired her well-being.  He said ” I am so happy to see you.  I missed you a lot. I was so worried about you.  I have realised how much you do for me” he continued and Supriya was in no mood to stop it as she was thinking “come on, let it your emotions flow.  Let me know how much you love me and missed me, I am enjoying it.  Waited for it so long”.

“But I must tell you this” her husband said and she was brought back to senses “what he is up to now” she thought. ” What is it?” she asked with a tinge of suspicion in her voice and a raised eyebrow.

“I know you love me very dearly but I must admit that you have made me completely dependent on you.  My life would have been in shackles had it not been Google and YouTube came to my rescue and you being away for so long.  I just wonder what I could have done without WiFi and internet.  From preparing a cup of coffee to taking care of laundry – it taught me everything.   I think you should take up more projects like that without worrying about me because WiFi is there when wife isn’t” he concluded with a laugh.

Obviously that doesn’t go down well with Supriya and she did play her next move when kids were back and can you guess what was it?

“Going abroad for two months as a part of official project.  I hope you can take care of kids as well along with home because you have WiFi, right?  See you soon” 😀😀😀.

Moral of the story: 

  • Never ever take wife for granted.
  • Remember wife is great, nothing or no one can replace her.
  • Think before you speak especially before your wife.




Not just a cup of coffee


Hi Everyone,

(It could be your story too😉)

John was waiting for the lift to arrive at his 10th floor apartment.  He seemed to be a little restless and a little agitated. Shaking one leg in nervousness he was anything but calm.  To add to his irritation lift was taking a life time to arrive.   And imagine if one is greeted with a foolish question in the morning when the mind is dancing amidst the tides of negative emotions and face is reluctant to show anything except frown.

“Good morning Mr.John, waiting for the lift? asked one of his neighbour as he opened the door to collect milk bottles left at his door.  Answer to this question is  quite obvious but John sarcastically (not in so good spirit ) said “no sir I am waiting for the next Rajnikanth (Indian superstar) movie to release”.  And when you are in a bad state of mind (read bad mood, irritation mode) it really pisses you off when your sarcasm is replied with a pinch of salt.  And John’s neighbour did the same when he said “do let me know when it is released” with a chuckle.

Before John could say anything else the lift arrived and the neighbour closed the door behind his back.  John entered into the lift and the descend begun.  As soon as he reached his car in the parking lot another question awaited him.

“Good morning Mr.John, going to office?” another neighbor  asked.  To this John gave another twisted answer which was really dry (more or less rude).  He said “no, who told you that I am going to office today.  Actually I was planning to visit discotheque on a Monday morning dressed formally, what fun it would be when probably even the bouncers won’t be there at the entrance”.  “You are a funny guy” said the neighbor and left.  So did John.

On reaching office he was immediately summoned to his boss’ cabin. A real headache!

His boss said “John you need to pull up your socks, month end is round the corner and still we are far away from the target.  Buck up, buck up!”  John was listening to all this with a straight face but inside him a voice was yelling “stop pulling my leg first, your month end starts from the 15th itself and I have pulled up my socks enough that now I can see the tear in that.  You want me to pull up my socks so that you could buy a tuxedo for yourself.  You selfish beast”.  But all he could do is listen and leave.

As he was leaving his boss’ cabin he met his friend who wished him.  Almost at the breaking point John said “I have a request, if you don’t want to jeopardize our friendship don’t ask me anything and don’t say anything to me right now.  Just let’s go and grab a cup of coffee” and almost at the wind speed without awaiting friend’s consent he took him to canteen.  His friend was in a fix looking at John’s face.

A sip off a steaming cup of coffee felt so soothing on tounge but the real effect was something beyond words. Ecstasy it was.

“Hmmm, now I can think and talk properly.  I just can’t tell how I much I missed you” John was uttering while letting coffee soothe his senses on a rather bumpy day.  His friend was watching him astonished and thought “really?  You missed me, funny, isn’t it?  To this John said “of course it is funny because I was talking about this cup of coffee which I missed having in the morning.  It’s not just a cup of coffee but the very much-needed kickstart to the day.  I can do without liquid cash for few days, can go on instant noodle diet for few weeks, can work overtime without being paid for few months but nothing would drive me crazy just as a missed cup of coffee in the morning.  The mood swings caused by a missed cup of coffee are just as PMS would do to women.  I can relate to that, in fact every avid coffee lover could relate to this.

It’s simply not just a cup of coffee you see 🙂

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An email could have made the difference

Quill & Parchment


Hi Everyone,

Anuj – the most decent, well read, efficient employee in the office.  His efficiency as an employee and decency as a man is known to everyone but no one had a hint of knowledge he beholds or the talent that dwells in him.  Because he is an introvert, never speaks much, never lets opinion escape his lips unless official and asked for.  That is the possible reason he is taken for granted sometimes by his peers (world appreciates things at face value rather than true value😔).

As his days were passing in monotony which he was oblivious to, enters Anjali, a new employee in the office.  Vivacious is one word that defines her.  Always  full of life she could turn dull conversations into lively moments.  An extrovert, knows the art of tact to put forth her opinion and she was thus liked by one and all.  And…

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It isn’t working anymore

Hello everyone,

They are a “happily” married couple.  It’s been five years now.  Both are working, securing happiness for future at the expense of precious present.  Husband works in a night shift where as wife works in 9 AM to 5 PM shift.  When one enters the other leaves.  Their communication – Facebook updates and WhatsApp emoticon.

On one destined day husband enters home very tired and feeling sleepy.  Saw wife, but strangely she was not in a rush to get ready for office.  Husband “good morning darling, you are not getting ready for office?   Are you alright? he enquired stretching himself.

She gave an unexpected answer.

Wife:  We need to talk.  Can I have your five minutes?

Husband (in a state of confusion, nodded his head in affirmative and sat beside her on the couch) Tell me, what’s it?

Wife (with a long face):  It isn’t working anymore.  We need to work out a solution for this.  I tried to repair it many times but no use.  I can’t take it anymore.

Husband (his heart sank, he loved her so much and wanted their relationship to work) Please  don’t do this to me.  I am sure there will be a way out.  I promise to take leave for next week and if possible change my shift.  I promise to help you in daily chores.  I promise there won’t be pungent smell of half doused cigarettes or heap of clothes lying in laundry.  Please don’t leave me we will make it work. (He was about to cry).

Wife (moved closer to him, threw her arms over him in order to console him):  why are you getting emotional?  I was talking about my phone, it keeps on hanging every now and then.  I tried to repair it many times but it is not working.  Can’t you make it out as there has been no Facebook update since last two days: what I ate, what I have been watching, what mood I am in, what I am reading, where I am.  How could you miss such an important clue?

Husband sighed in relief but thought “have I committed too much in anticipation and anxiety?”😉

Next day he gifted her a new phone and as promised took a leave to spend time with her and two months later got his shift changed as well.

And they lived happily ever after😇




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There should be no satiation for knowledge

Hello Everyone,

Small story:

Once upon a time there was a pot maker in a village.  His occupation was to make pots, pots of different sizes and colours.  His son used to observe him, the way he used to spin the wheel, mould clay, dried them up and finally pots were ready for sale.  The son soon developed an immense interest in the occupation and learned the process from his father.  And started making pots.  But he was never satisfied.  He wanted to give his occupation a twist of art.  Tried to improve himself every day.  Soon he became famous for the variety of pots he showcased.  He mastered the art of preparing not just pots but gave a new definition to pottery.  He was still unsatisfied.  He now wanted to learn the art of sculpting.  He did embark on his journey of attaining a new skill.  Soon he achieved success in beautifying stones.  The journey to perfection continued till he carved a masterpiece.  He was very happy with the outcome so was everyone.  Soon the word spread and people from nearby villages, towns came to see his craftsmanship.  He was basking in his new-found glory.  So carried away by this attention his sculpture got that he started refusing pot making orders.  One day an elderly man from his own village came to him and requested him if he could make some pots and earthen lamps as it was his daughter’s marriage, he needed them for storage and decoration. The pot maker right away refused him and said “go and search an ordinary potter, I am a masterpiece maker and no more indulge in petty orders, I only carve beauty”.  Despite his several requests potter didn’t budge.  Now the word about his arrogance also spread across even faster than earlier because negative word have wings and it takes no time to travel .  Slowly orders dried up.  No one came to him either for pots or sculptures.  Now he started to struggle to make ends meet for his family.  With no one to help in his village and people jeering at him, he was turning towards depression.   One day while sitting idle he thought of going and meeting his cousin who was in nearby village.  His cousin was his only hope in this hour of gloom.

The potter reached his cousin’s place.  After exchanging pleasantries his cousin asked him to stay back in the room and take rest and he would be back from front yard finishing his work.  He was a potter too.  But instead of staying back in room the potter decided to watch his cousin at work.

Watching his cousin moulding clay his heart yearned to let his hands soiled.  He traveled in time to his golden days when pottery was his love and his work loved by all.  Coming back to his senses (to present) he murmured “how come my pots have no demand where as my brother is minting money, am I not a better craftsman”. This was over heard by his cousin.  At that moment he decided to keep mum and continue his work.  At night his cousin answered his doubt “dear brother, you are right, on any given day you are a better craftsman than me.  As a matter of fact you are not just a craftsman but an artist.  Who can ever forget the famous sculpture that you have produced.  But at this moment you have no work.  The only reason is that you forgot your roots.  Carried away by the tide of praises you were no longer grounded.  You thought this is it and stopped learning.  And arrogance filled in your head which should house nothing but knowledge”.  This moved the Potter to tears and the night passed in repentance.

Moral of the story:  Never ever be sated with the knowledge you have.  Nothing is everything, never think that “I know it all”.  More humble we are more prepared we are to acquire knowledge and there is no end to knowledge.   Staying connected to your roots is an unwritten rule of life, elevated from roots elimination is for sure.  And more importantly no one is indispensable.  There would always be a replacement to take your place, be it work or life.

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He never anticipated this

Hi Everyone,

(Important Note:  This is a fiction because I never encountered such situation but a harsh reality for millions of girls and women).

She is a free-spirited girl.  Her face is just a reflection of beauty that dwelled in her heart and in her thoughts.  Her dreams, racing to reach stars and beyond and but she always kept her feet grounded.  She is joy; she is beauty; she is pride of her loved ones.  She is a God’s gift.

18-year-old Anjali is an aspiring fashion designer, recently took admission into college.  She is as fun to be with as much she is focused on her goals in life.  Nothing could budge her from the path she chose.  Her studies and assignments kept her so occupied that she barely finds time to spend quality time with friends.  The only time when she could do some chit-chat with her friends was during the travel time from her home to college and vice versa.

Life seemed to be simply rolling forward for her until she met Raju.  He is not even her friend let alone boy friend.  Their meeting (I am not sure if we could call it meeting) was just an accident on her way to home.  It just happened that he boarded the same bus back to home as Anjali. He saw her and his eyes locked a gaze on her face.  She noticed the fact that he was staring at her, she was uncomfortable but decided to ignore.  She thought “it happens, better not to pay attention”.  She got down from the bus soon and went straight to her home.  Little did she notice that she was followed by a pair of eyes till she eluded the vision.

On next day going back to home again she saw the familiar face of stranger ogling at her.  And once again decided to look the other way.  This continued for few more days before Raju gained enough confidence to try to move closer to Anjali.  And she was getting furious about this unwanted attention she was garnering.  But still she didn’t let a word escape from her mouth.

Soon she realised that she was being stalked.  Stalked everywhere, to college, to home and pretty much everywhere. Her silence has boosted his confidence so much that he started calling out her name amidst crowded streets in a manner that made her cringe.  Eliciting no response from her he now dared to stop her, held her hand and put forth his proposal “I want to be your friend, I like you very much, do think about this”.  There was not even an iota of respect or softness in his tone.  She hasted her way to home in fear.  She doesn’t know with whom shall she discuss about this stalker.  That day ended in a sleepless night.

Following days were not different.  Now she started receiving blank calls too.  From a free-spirited girl she was slowly transforming into a fear-stricken soul. The constant fear of someone watching her has made her draw herself in a shell.  She started staying back at home and even felt distracted from her goals.

Her parents began to notice this change in her behaviour.  Concerned for their daughter they persuaded her to cough up the entire issue.  They were taken aback. Her father said “you were going through so much and you never thought of letting us know, why?  You never thought we are worthy enough to share your problems with.  If we can give you the freedom to choose your career/ life path can’t we do our bit to safeguard it?  Anjali was moved to tears of joy with these words.  She anticipated their concern but never imagined such a supportive stance.  Reason: she have seen people (read) family  blaming female only for every injustice and atrocity inflicted upon her.  The common mindset says, must be her fault only.

All these thoughts gave rise to a wave of agony in her, she wanted to cry her lungs out venting out what she felt.  And this incident in her life mellowed her down with fear. Fear of being accused, fear of being targeted by a maniac, fear of missing out on life.  But with the love showered upon her by her father and support her parents gave her, fear dispersed.  She has decided to confront her fear to defeat it.

Very next day when she was going to college she was being followed by Raju, just as the routine would have it.  The moment she realised it she stopped and turned to find him at a distance of about 10-15 feet.  He stopped too instantly.  But this time she took charge and proceeded towards him.  He was in a fix but wore a smile which was cunning on its very appearance. Anjali:  What is that you exactly want from me?

Raju: I told you already, I want to be your friend, I like you.

Anjali:  Agreed, how many of your friends have been befriended by you in this fashion. I hope none because what you are doing is cynical and a criminal activity.  Following someone against their will is equal to harassment. And coining this very idea as liking or love is an example of your madness.

Raju: (shocked by confrontation as he never anticipated her courage) I really like you, what makes you think that I am a rogue?

Anjali:  Are you seriously so naive or acting well?  Stalking a girl, cracking distasteful jokes about women, do you need further proof of you being a rogue, a man of no values.  I know it satiated your male ego to see me bogged down by fear and succumb to your pressure.  But today I deny to give up and give in.  It gives me immense pleasure to announce that I don’t fear you anymore.  And don’t you dare to even fantasize the idea of harming me in any way for I won’t take it lying down further.  I hope the message is loud and clear now.

She left leaving him stumped. Ashamed and genuinely apologetic or simply insulted he was never seen again around her.

It’s her triumph.  And triumph comes when fear is confronted… Period!





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A very special candle light dinner

Hi Everyone,

*fiction by my point of view but could be a reality for someone*

Husband back from office after toiling all day, enters house and dumbstruck by what he sees there.  He finds his house decorated with candles.  He was trying to figure out what special day he has missed from the calendar.  Trying to recollect all important dates (it’s very well known that men have difficulty in remembering important dates) he moves further in the house.  He was enchanted by the aroma in air.  And even more mesmerised by the beauty of his wife who just appeared from kitchen with a tea-tray in her hands.  He was wondering when was the last time he admired beauty of his partner.  She was glowing in the light of candles. While he was lost in his thoughts and questions he was awakened by his wife’s question. “How was your day at office?” she enquired politely.

Husband:  It was hectic and tiring.  Anyways leave it.  Tell me  what is this all about?  Is there any special occasion that skipped from my mind.

Wife: (with a smile) Go and freshen up yourself I will serve you tea.

Husband: (nods affirmative and comes back in five minutes) I don’t want tea now, I am hungry let’s have dinner together.  But before having dinner please tell me what’s the occasion today?  Why you have lit candles everywhere?  What happened to the electricity? (he was getting impatient now).

Wife:  (with a smile) Ok, let’s have dinner. On dining table looking at the impatient husband she was clearly enjoying. She continued “Do you remember our first date after our marriage was fixed?  And do you remember when was the last time we spoke to each other at a length apart from our silly arguments and fights?

Husband was in a fix now.  Listening to her made him realise that she is right. Seven years into marriage, it seemed they are drifting away from each other.  They rarely spoke to each other as both are busy with their professions.  And the sole time of their interaction which is on dinner table has been gobbled up by the smart phones and WiFi.  “Is this her effort to give a new start to our relationship because both of us know we love each other but our lifestyle is keeping us engrossed to even show it.  If yes then I should lend my support to her effort” he decided within his mind and soul.  They had a very good conversation after such a long time.  Every memory lane was revisited, every relation and relative was discussed at length and finally dinner was over.  Now wife has requested her husband for a long drive which he accepted immediately.  They drove really far and decided to spend sometime together beneath the starry sky.  Though the reason behind all this is yet not clear but husband was happy to have spent such  beautiful moments with his love.  Deep in his heart he was delighted to have such a partner who is putting her efforts to sort out things and make them work rather than complaining.

And while he was soaking in all those cherishable moments he was shaken when his wife said “I want to confess something”.  His mind was running in every possible direction.  Controlling his emotions and putting forth a stong voice he said “yes tell me whatever you have in your mind”.  She in a meek voice said “I am really sorry for this.  Hope you would forgive me for this”.  Husband interrupted “please don’t talk in riddles, tell me clearly what you want to say”.

Can you guess her answer?

She said “I am sorry, we had candle light dinner today because I forgot to pay the electricity bill and connection is severed”.

Husband left aghast but there was no sign of anger.  After all they had a wonderful time together.


Moral of the story:

  • A loving smile can take you to the shore in face of calamity.  Here husband’s anger is referred to as calamity.  Could be other way round too.
  • If wife is “showing” extra sweetness then there is a point to catch (just kidding)
  • Pay the bills in time or land in soup 🙂







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