Just Homo Sapiens Not Human Anymore

It was an Elephant then , now it’s a cow. Species changed not their fate. Two different states (Kerala and Himachal Pradesh), two expecting mothers (motherhood holds the same importance for any creature) met the same fate – fed with food (few saying “ate”) laced with fire crackers.

Injured severely, bleeding profusely, loitering around in agony, the elephant succumbed to its injury where as the cow received the treatment (hopefully doing better now). And their only mistake is that they crossed the boundaries in search of food, something we consider among the basic requirements, isn’t it? The Elephant inadvertently came to the habitat of people and the Cow disrespected the neighbour’s boundary. And what did they expect, they won’t be taught a lesson? How ignorant they were.

When I read the story of a pregnant cow severely injured because of firecrackers , an agonized me thought of penning down my anger and it brought in front of me few more (yes among the countless, I read only few and couldn’t stand the abdominal atrocities inflicted) cases of cruelty towards animals. From beating mercilessly to being burnt alive, from skinned to be sold in markets to unnatural painful sex, from being mulled down under the vehicles to starved to death, from religious sacrifices to being butchered on roads in broad daylight to mock belief of a certain section; man has attained supremacy in inflicting pain on other creatures (not to mention on his own race as well, but that’s not the matter of discussion here).

That raked a very important question in my mind – what sets a man apart from other creatures of the nature? His ability to speak, express and communicate; ability to think; ability to attain and assimilate knowledge? Yes these are certain criterion that earmarks the technical difference between the specie called “Homo Sapiens” and the rest. But a resonating difference is that all the creatures of this mother Earth including flora is that none of them derives from the nature for their greed, they only strive to maintain balance of the ecosystem by fulfilling just their needs. It’s only man who is tirelessly corroding the nature by scooping out more and more out of it. If need is the mother of invention then greed is the synonym for destruction. History has proved it. But man never took his lessons seriously. And the other fascinating thing is that every other form of life is useful to the nature and human beings in one or more ways but humans have never been in this multi dimensional equation ever. Man has never been useful to other members of the environment (not taking into account behaviour after external effort of moral and spiritual streamlining of thought process). He has only taken so far. To put it bluntly exploited – for food (which is still understandable by certain perspectives, though I am a vegetarian and vehemently disagree with killing of any animal for satisfying our taste buds and not to mention the carbon footprint a non vegetarian food habit leaves but then it’s my personal opinion and shouldn’t be a reason for anyone’s anger against me 😊), for entertainment, for boastful extravagant displays, for making quick money, for seeking sadistic pleasures and for everything which is very inhuman.

Coming back to the incidents that triggered me immensely, I was reading reactions of people on social media. Many were definitely moved and saddened by the unfortunate proceedings but there were also people who were abrasive enough to defend the culprits saying that the fireworks were meant for the wild animals which could possibly damage their crops and the victims in the case particular were not fed but they themselves ate the food laced with firecrackers. Not dancing between “ate” and “fed” confusion, I have a question – even if the food was meant to shoo away the wild animals was it the right way? Would the “another” animal’s jaw pain less with those explosives blowing off in mouth? All the intelligence acquired zeroed on to such solutions? I have only one word erupting like those explosives – PATHETIC!

Though both laws and organisations are present to handle and deter such lowly acts I believe more must be invested in fine tuning (read educating) the people about a pivotal rule of the nature – Equal Right To Live ! High time that we go back to our roots of “simple living” which was in tandem with the nature. It’s time to reiterate that earth belongs to other species as well which survived the test of time and traveled so far.

With all our knowledge and comprehension if we are killing a speechless creature devoid of any such attributes, then calling ourselves human beings is questionable or outright wrong. Give it a thought!!!

**(If animals had a language and they have to swear among themselves possibly would have called themselves MAN)

Types People On Youtube



I don’t watch serials, those heavy make ups, constant conspiracies and over the top acting is not my cup of tea. I don’t watch reality shows either because nothing is real about them to be true and the jarring suspense music to reveal the eliminations or winners is a big let down. But anyways who cares about people like me 😁. To put it simple and straight, apart from few good movies to catch up and my favourite Mahabharata (Indian mythological drama) idiot box in my home doesn’t serve much.

So where do I get my daily dose of entertainment from, but obvious YouTube. I binge on YouTube. I don’t stick to a particular genre, taste changes according to my mood, mood in the family and mood of the country 😂.  But the interesting part is that more than the videos I have kind of fetish to read the comments ensuing the video.  The kind of comments I find there tells a lot about the different mentalities of people. I am listing a few according to my observation:

  • Grammar Nazis:  This category people are my personal favourites as I get to learn so much about the language  leaving aside the topic in question 😂.  One misspelled word, one misplaced word/ punctuation and we have them in action.  It could be their command over the language or love for it that they can’t tolerate the mistakes in language, difference of opinions can be countered later.
  • Forever Romantics:  No matter what is the situation, how seriously people are involved in presenting their viewpoint I always came across a set of hopelessly (or shall we say too many Hope’s pinned 😉) romantic people who never ceases to try their luck in the comment section expecting a favourable response.  “Hi Ma’am you are very beautiful, please call me at xxxxxxxxx”, “Hi can we be friends”, “I love you” – few examples how Romeos search for their Juliet on YouTube (or any social media platform for that matter).
  • Family People:  Stop! Before you jump to conclusions let me clarify literal translation won’t work here.  These are the people who use cuss words using “relations” (you know what I mean, don’t want to elaborate further) in every sentence they state.  It’s the way they express themselves, oppose opinions of others, they swear.  It’s basically part of their grammar unfortunately.
  • No words, only emojis:  I think I don’t need further words to explain this 😁😁😁😁.  Sometimes I get confused whom they are supporting amidst the threads of comments going on.
  • Repeat mode on:  Off late I have come across a new genre of people commenting on YouTube and they are the “Repeaters” .  To emphasise their point of view or to get noticed or simply they have too much time (may be lack of it) they repeat their comment everywhere (in every reply, in every related video).  They are not just repeaters but the most irritating group on YouTube.
  • Promotion guys:  Just like the forlorn/ forever romantics there’s a group which don’t cease to take up every opportunity to promote its agenda on videos that are least or not at all related to their business (literal and otherwise). There are people who promote their own channels,  their business ideas, businesses and what not.  I am still confused if I can call them intelligent or opportunists or desperate 🤔.
  • The comparison brigade:  Well, we find them in every sphere, in every walk of life – Never Happy.  Always comparing things, people, situations.  They are the epitome of pessimism to put it simple.  For instance there’s a song playing and everything about that is simply amazing and everyone in the comment thread is praising it but the forever sworn unhappy people do mark their presence with their comments like “nah! It would have been better if it was sung by so and so”, “actor X would have been/is better than this actor Y”, ” things were better in our times”, ” song would have been better if recorded on Mars” and it continues 😂😂😂.

So these are few observations that I have made off late.  You also might have few observations, suggestions or corrections for that matter to add.  Feel free to drop them in “Comment” section 😁.  I am waiting 😉.